Thursday 26 April 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - I'll Stop Wearing Black When They Make a Darker Colour

comics wrap-up title image with manga-style woman handing a flower to her shadow

Tomorrow is Avengers: Infinity War release day!!!!!!!!!!!! 

(Also, I know I've said this a lot, but MAN they need to not f**k this up!!!! Seriously Marvel.)

And say no to spoilers! (Espec. people who have managed to see previews!!!!)

Film Trailers

No more Avengers trailers as the release day is fast approaching, but there's a new trailer for Deadpool 2!!!!!

And it's just awesome! 😎

Adult humour and swearing though - this is Deadpool, remember. Even the trailers are undoubtedly Deadpool!

(Warning: flashing images)

POW! comics bubble

And we have a new Venom trailer!!!!

To re-cap for those less entrenched in Marvel-lore: Venom = Spider-Man emo juice.

Only with this film we're skipping Venom's Peter Parker related origin story, and jumping to its second primary host, Eddie Brock.

I'm a little worried from the trailer that Venom will come across as an uncontrollable weapon, rather than a character which is both separate from, and a part of, its host.

The best Venom stories are, and always will be, stories of obsession, darkness, and the line between love and hate.

(Warning: flashing images)

And that's it for this week! Are you a Deadpool fan? Did the Venom trailer freak you out? Talk to me! 😋💬

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UPDATE: There will be no Comics Wrap-Up next week (3rd May 2018) due to technical issues.

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  1. Wow Marvel must be very busy with all these films lol! I saw a picture of the venom trailer and was quite freaked out tbh.

    1. Ha, well Venom & Deadpool are actually produced by different studios - Fox & Sony - due to the whole who-has-the-film-rights thing!

      I know right, they've done a great job with the look! Lol.

  2. It seems like they have a new movie coming out quite often. I hope you ending up enjoying Avengers: Infinity War!

    1. Oh man I really hope they do a good job with Infinity War!!!! XD


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