Wednesday 18 April 2018

The Play's The Thing!

I was watching the BBC version of Hamlet starring Andrew Scott the other day (y'know, the Irish guy who plays Moriarty?) and a thought popped into my head:

Plays should count for the Goodreads Challenge!

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(My Goodreads account is private. Sorry.)

I don't mean just reading plays - we've all been counting those anyway, let's face it.

I mean, it should totally count if we WATCH plays - on TV, live, whatever.

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It's just like an audiobook, after all, isn't it?

We're listening to the words, we just happen to get a little bit more verve in this version!

I don't mean like a play adapted from a book - although if there's a separate play-script version on Goodreads then go for it - but stuff like Shakespeare, which was written for the stage? Why not?

Honestly, why the hell wouldn't we count that?!

I'm a big believer in acceptable cheating for the GR challenge - splitting a graphic novel into individual issues totally counts, short stories online totally count; basically, anything that is already listed on GR is fair game as far as I'm concerned.

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So I'm also gonna add plays I've seen adaptations of. Because it's an audio book - with visuals. And I'm a total rebel 😎

Are you with me on this my nerdlets? Or is this a step too far? Talk to me! 😃💬

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  1. Hey, however you wanna get it done, just get it done! I add plays to my challenge that I’ve read, and I also add poems no matter how short, but I don’t think personally I will add plays that I’ve watched on tv. But everyone’s got their own rules and like I said before, whatever you want to do to finish that challenge, do it!!

    1. It's totally an extended audiobook - I have decided *nods sagely* XD

  2. There should totally be a section of GR or something for plays and movies and shows and things like that! I mean, they're all stories! And things like webcomics and fanfic should be on GR too. I'm all for it. Put all the stuff on GR. All the stories!

    1. Some webcomics do count! I always check when I've been reading loads. I've added chapters of Starfighter before now! XD The occasional fanfic (usually Wattpad ones) also counts, but less of these are listed. Like I said, I tend to use the attitude of 'if it's listed, I'm counting it!' lol! XD

      I don't know about TV shows etc., maybe that's wandering a little too far from reading? I don't know! Interesting idea though.

      I take it you're firmly on board for counting plays as 'read' when you've seen an adap? :)

    2. I do count webcomics if they're there, but a lot of them aren't.

      Tbh, I don't think watching a show is that different from watching a play, as it relates to reading? But I think it'd be cool if they had a section for "reading" and a section for "watching" and we could include everything.

      I mean, I'm not actually worrying about numbers anymore---I set my GR goal to one this year---but I just like to keep track of things! I haven't seen a play in like seven years though lol. But if you want to count them, I say go ahead!

    3. I know, right?

      Ooh, that'd be fun! I figure since the play's already listed, and it's the same words... lol!

      Ha, fair enough! I set it to 210 - which is what I've managed the last 2 years, but if I need to put it down, I will.

    4. Oh, I get your logic behind including plays now. Makes sense to me!

    5. Ha, see there's some logic in there somewhere!!! XD


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