Friday 25 May 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Harry and Draco and a Fic I Love For Reasons Unknown

'They began to acknowledge one another in the halls, not in a way that anybody else took any degree of notice to, but as their silence slowly became louder to one another they spoke in hushed whispers in empty corridors and alcoves and in the back of the library.'

I don't know why I like this week's fic.

There's just... something about this fic. I don't know why.

There's not much of a plot. The prose is over-dramatic and over-flowery in places. And I have no idea what's going on with the characterisation.

fics fix title image with purple background and white lightning bolt

Sorry, that's not much of a ringing endorsement is it?

Maybe I'm not explaining it right. Cos this fic totally rocks.

Why? Well, because... because... I have no f**king clue. It's somehow amazing though.

'They collapsed into a bathroom - Harry! Draco! Come to wallow in misery with me? - and Not this time, Myrtle, because there had been a last time, a thousand last times, Silencing Charms whilst they took turns wailing... there was nothing beautiful about the screaming of emotionally broken men.'

This is a Drarry fic - where Draco and Harry have a romantic and/or sexual thing going on - and there is a sex scene.

It's a detailed sex scene, so this is 18+ only as far as I'm concerned my nerdlets!

(See, I'm totally responsible! Protecting impressionable young noggins and everything! Lol!)

Also, warnings for: mental health problems related to past traumas, drinking too much as a coping mechanism, and malicious gossip.

Draco alone in a crowd at the Slytherin table
Via Giphy

I have no clue why this fic is so captivating, honestly, but... there's just something about it!

I think it's just the blaze of the feeling, and the rhythm of the writing... and also I'm gonna blame my synaesthesia because it tastes pretty good! Lol.

Maybe you can read it and see whether you can see... whatever it is I'm seeing in here!

Maybe you'll figure out what exactly it is that I'm seeing here! Because somebody telling me would be cool! 😅

This week's fic, then, is:

a sky of invisible constellations by niveuos

Have you ever been totally spellbound by a fic - or other reading stuffs - for reasons you really can't figure out? Do you have any Drarry recs? Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I love Drarry so much! Draco has always been appealing to me as an antihero, and I always thought him and Harry had great chemistry in the books and films, not even romantic chemistry, but they just seemed like a great pairing whenever they were together.

    1. Ha, I love Drarry too - though I'd give it up for Scorbus! Lol :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Yeah sometimes a fic or writing in general just works, and it's a mystery why? A good mystery tho!

  3. Ahahaha oh man, one of these days I'm going to make a master rec list of "I don't know why I love this fic" fics. I feel like I have a lot of those in my bookmarks.

  4. Ok I don't really even read fanfic and only vaguely ship Drarry, but your strange endorsement has me really curious now lol.

    1. Ha, if you figure out why I like it so much, please let me know! XD


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