Thursday 24 May 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - All We Need Is Some Ice-Cream and a Hug

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Fun, frolics, and superheroes - let's get down to this week's comics wrap-up:

Film Trailers... Sort Of.

I'm still not sure whether the Deadpool 2 promos count as trailers, but meh, they're funny!

Warning: adult humour, flashing images

Other Stuff

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A guest post by Brad Ricca on Book Riot explains what many of us already know - comics books are definitely real books.

(Link contains Avengers: Infinity War spoiler/s)

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I've been watching ScreenRant's 'Pitch Meeting' series - basically comedy sketches imagining the pitch meetings for major films.

I'm lovin' the Justice League one. Contains spoilers.

(Warning: adult humour, mild flashing images)

Do you know of any fun interweb superhero videos? What do you do when comics you enjoy are problematic? Talk to me! 😄💬

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  1. Wow, great for Supergirl for taking a step in the right direction! One of my favourite shows Grey’s Anatomy recently featured a transgender character and I was so excited when I found out the actor is trans also! I’m really sick of cis people playing trans roles.

    1. Supergirl is leading the way for Queer rep, they have a lesbian character - Alex, Supergirl's sister - whose coming-out arc was just awesome! It's part of the CW Arrowverse which also has the bad-a** bi superheroine Sara Lance who I love so much! XD


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