Sunday 3 June 2018

Nerd Church - Light in the Dark

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This week, between the sh** Germaine Greer said*, and the cr*p Tommy Robinson pulled**, it might've seemed like the whole world had had a moment of extreme bigotry.

(...and I realise those are only two examples. I could've come up with a ton more, but it's too dispiriting, honestly, so I've stuck to these two.)

But there are people in this world who are willing to point out just how jerky Greer and Robinson are (and no, I have absolutely no problem putting the two in the same sentence.)

*Link CW: rape, victim blaming

**Video in link may auto-play.

Link CW: EDL, general bigotry, Islamophobia, references to child sexual abuse case.

Background info: Tommy Robinson is a right-wing extremist and founded a hate group (the English Defence League.)

Author and leading feminist Laura Bates succinctly explained everything wrong with what Greer said here*

*Link CW: rape, victim blaming, mental health stigma

But given that Greer's been spouting some deeply bigoted views for a while now (especially with regards to transgender women,) it's sadly not a surprise.

What is concerning is that many people still see Greer as a voice for Feminism in general - which, clearly, she can no longer claim to be.

Even the (morally) ugly, transphobic, side of feminism will surely not want her to speak for them after this.

(I really hope so, anyway.)

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Journalist Owen Jones took the opportunity presented by Tommy Robinson's arrest to discuss a major point - censorship and freedom of speech.

This is something that we see a lot in the online bookish world - any criticism of hate-speech or problematic content results in people shouting 'censorship' in order to try to shut up their critics.

Ironic, no?

Why am I pointing these things out?

Because even when the world is at its darkest, there are people willing to shine a light into the shadows. There are people willing to speak out against hatred.

There are people willing to bring light to this world by writing and speaking up for truth and love and justice and anti-prejudice and anti-bigotry.

And maybe, given everything going on in the world right now, that makes me sound like I've had a heaping bowl of sunshine and rainbows for breakfast, followed by a helping of rose-tinted glasses.

But we need the sunshine and rainbows, my dearest nerdlets. We need hope and positivity and courage and determination and tolerance.

So remember, even when the world seems dark, there is light, my dearest nerdlets. Have an awesome day.

So, what do you think? Had you heard what Germaine Greer said? Have you heard of Tommy Robinson? (I really hope the answer to that last one is 'no') Talk to me! 💋💬

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  1. Thank you for this motivating post, Cee! I haven’t heard of either of these individuals but I hope people don’t give them the publicity they so desire. Hope you have a lovely day too :)

    1. Germaine Greer is actually quite famous internationally as a leading Feminist - which is why her recent behaviour is that much more awful! I'm kind of happy that you haven't heard of her either - it shows just how outdated she's become!

      Thanks Em :) <3

  2. I always like when you do reminder posts like this. Yes, there is always some light and we need to flock around that rather than simply accept the darkness!


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