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Comics Wrap-Up - The Stars Are Blazing Like Rebel Diamonds

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It's that time of year where loads of superhero-type trailers etc. are released due to the nerd convention that is San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).

So, since I've never stepped foot in the USA, I, like plenty of other nerds around the world, have been using the interwebs to keep up with the latest comics-related happenings.

This week's comics wrap-up is my highlights - in no way could I possibly cover all of the stuff being revealed, released, and generally yammered about, in the world of panels and capes right now!

So, this is the stuff that caught my eye. Enjoy!

Film Trailers

The Big One this SDCC is undoubtedly Aquaman.

How the hell does Jason Momoa make AQUAMAN look cool?! Like, I've been saying this since Justice League, there must be some black magic involved or summat because... wow!

And kid-Arthur in this trailer is awesome-sauce.

(Warning: flashing images)

dividing line

More random is the trailer for Shazam which... I don't even know.

(Warning: ableist bullying, flashing images)

Like, what did I just watch?! 😅

TV Shows

Legends of Tomorrow is back and as random-a** as ever!

And more Constantine! Played by Welsh actor Matt Ryan who is trying for Constantine's signature Geordie (a type of North England accent,) and failing just a touch. 😅

Still, he's closer to comics-Constantine than Keanu Reeves ever got.

Plus, that adds another bisexual hero to the Legends' roster - Captain Sara Lance (who you've probably heard me fangirl over before!) being the other.

I have no idea whether Constantine's gonna be just a recurring character or an actual part of the team, but either way it's cool.

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Spoilers for previous series in trailer.

(Warning: flashing images)

[video no longer available]

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The Flash has been written into yet another bizarre corner, as a series.

But this is apparently what the writers do here. They've been doing it from pretty much the first series, so I guess they see no reason to change that now.

Kinda dicey to keep doing this, but somehow (so far) they've just kept writing themselves back outta those corners - hopefully they'll do the same again.

Spoilers for previous series in trailer.

(Warning: flashing images)

[video no longer available]

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Looks like the next series of Supergirl is gonna get all political again.

And there's nothing wrong with that. 😉

(Warning: Flashing images)

[video no longer available]

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And I literally have no clue how they're still managing to write Arrow.

Because it's come to about four or five natural endings already over the years, but there ya go!

Also, was that Vinnie Jones in the trailer?! Does that mean Vinnie Jones is back?!

And Kirk Acevedo is back as Ricardo Diaz! I love Kirk Acevedo, he was so awesome in 12 Monkeys, and he's such a talented dude generally!

Some spoilers for previous series in trailer.

(Warning: flashing images, graphic violence)

[video no longer available]

Other Stuff


this little section (up to the next dividing line) is going to discuss rape/paedophilia jokes and campaigns against individuals by far-right people/Trump supporters.


This is the world we live in.)

You may remember that last week I brought you news of Marvel producer/director James Gunn tweeting a meme against Trump.

Well, that lead to a bunch of right-wingers/Trumpers trawling through every tweet he has ever written until they found something they could use against him.

Which they did.

They found 'jokes' he wrote many years about rape, sexual abuse, and paedophilia. They're not funny. They're truly awful.

Which he has taken on the chin, in fairness, and said that no-one is to blame but himself, he was out of line, and he's sorry.

Because he was def. out of line. And he should def. be VERY sorry.

Several people have come out in his defence - NOT in defence of the jokes, NOBODY is defending the jokes - including Dave Bautista, and Zoe Saldana and Chris Pratt.

Because even though those jokes are UTTERLY VILE and there is NO EXCUSE for them at all... the way Gunn has been hounded from a high-profile directing job for daring to criticise Trump is terrifying.

Because everyone has done or said things they regret - does that mean that something similar could happen to anyone who dares to criticise Trump's policies?

Because this is def. political - the ringleader on this attack on Gunn is Mike Cernovich, who is an alt-right professional troll, known rape apologist (he's claimed date-rape is impossible,) and genuine piece of sh**.

And Nazis winning doesn't seem like a pattern we should want repeated.

If I could NOT have to write about Nazis in the comics and superheroes world again for a while? Thanks. It's getting exhausting.

dividing line

Complaints are based on the UK's film-ratings system, which incorporates U (Universal,) PG (Parental Guidance,) 12/12A (no child under 12/without an accompanying adult,) 15 (no child under 15,) and 18 (no child under 18.)

Logan was rated 15, and this received 20 complaints, due to the graphic violence etc., that it should've been rated 18.

The British Board of Film Classification stand by their 15 rating, and I think they're probably right.

dividing line

And to finish on a brighter note, Marjorie Liu has done all ladies a solid by becoming the first woman to win a writing Eisner (it's like a comic-book Oscar,) for her work on the Monstress series.

What do you think on the whole James Gunn thing? (Please, keep it civil!) Did I miss out any of your fave cool comics or superhero trailers from comic-con? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. As a huge fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy series, I was very disappointed by Gunn’s tweets however I think you could truly tell that he regretted his actions. It is also important to note that disciplinary action was obviously taken place against him, however nothing has been done about the nazi’s who have arguably done much worse. I don’t think Gunn is the actual problem here.

    1. So, wo, well-put Em! The tweets are a smokescreen for the real motive - his political stance.


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