Friday 20 July 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Westeros-by-Sea

'“I, er, can I try some?” Theon finally asks some twenty minutes after they come in, interrupting their chatter.

“Sure. There’s the changing room, knock yourself out.”

Theon disappears inside it with a stack of things.

“Well,” Mance says, his tone of voice suddenly dropping lower, “whatever happened to him sure as hell wasn’t a walk in the park.”'

I loooove it when fanfics experiment dammit! XD

And when I randomly find fanfiction that puts Game of Thrones characters in the modern-day, AND in my beloved Wales?!

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This fic takes Theon Greyjoy post-the-whole-Ramsey-Bolton/Snow-thing and puts him in Ogmore-by-Sea for hiding-out/recuperation purposes.

Because why not? It's a perfectly lovely place after all.

Random af. But a nice damned place all the same! (The Wales Tourist Board needs to start paying me, tbh! 😅)

I'm kind of impressed by how well this week's fic author managed to transpose Westeros into South Wales in 1989 (of all years.)

True, there are some things they got wrong - but as they say that they're American, that's pretty damn good.

Still, it's gonna bother me if I don't tell you what they got wrong, so if you're interested, check out this list of mistakes, and if you're not, just skip ahead:

(It looks like there's a lot of them - but honestly, it was quite good!)

  • British people - any British people - don't say mom. It's mum or mam.

  • You don't have to press charges against people here. Granted, in this case it would be difficult for the police to do anything without more info from Theon and Jeyne, but if there's enough evidence then it goes to court regardless of the victim's decision.

  • The council would've paid for Theon and Jeyne's accommodation, albeit Theon may still have ended up staying at a B&B or whatever for a few days. But Davos would've been paid.

  • No-one calls Ogmore-by-Sea 'Aberogwr' except (some) Welsh speakers, especially not in the 80s. It's a nice try though, honestly, and a well-meaning one. 😊

  • Someone's mam would've got involved with feeding Theon at some point. I'm not even gonna explain this, it just would've happened. Without question.

  • There also would've been a lot more tea drinking. I hate tea. As a Brit, my life is genuinely made awkward by this.

  • No-one's going to Newport to avoid being bored and/or miserable (sorry Newport! Love ya! But you know you can't deny it! 😅)

  • Some of us (a lot of us) like quiet towns. Yes, even the young people!

  • Casual swearing is friends and family only. In fact, a lot of older Welsh men won't swear in front of women at all. Davos swears in situations where 'the right sort' of Welsh people just... wouldn't (or they would, and then they'd apologise.) (And you never let your mam catch you swearing. That's why I censor swear words when I type. My mother is in my head. 😅)

Davos - 'My lady, I can't read the words.'
Via Giphy

  • There are no sheep in this fic? There are always random-a** sheep running around Ogmore-by-Sea? (And... a lot of Wales, I'm gonna be honest.) (If you make a sheep sh**ging joke I will find you.)

'Davos does notice the cold sweat all over Theon’s face.

“If that wasn’t clear already, if you want to insult someone who voted that harpy into office in my humble establishment you’re entirely free to do that, don’t look like I’ll have your head for it.”'

I love that Davos is a Thatcher-hating ex-mining union-man in this fic!

Like, it makes me laugh that this fic is tagged both 'Socialism' and, in reference to the socialism tag, '(yes that had to be a tag)' because... it's not particularly socialist? It's just... Welsh? Yeah?

Or does it seem like it's really socialist to anyone else? Read the fic and lemme know!

Just to let you know: as previously mentioned, this fic is based on some not-good things that happen to Theon in Game of Thrones.

So, this fic has a lot of tough topics like: child abuse, torture, implied rape, fostering problems.

There may also be some other stuff in there, so be careful my nerdlets!

This week's fic is:

like skyscrapers rising up, I'm not down by janie_tangerine

Are there any fics set in a place you know well? Do you think this fic has a lot of socialism? Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. It’s great that this fic is in a familiar place for you, Cee! I love it when books take place in Canada, especially in my province. It makes the experience even more enjoyable!

    1. It was so random, but yeah I really enjoyed it! XD


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