Thursday 30 August 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - I Can See September Through the Trees

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Yet another week's post which sees everything fall into the 'Other Stuff' category - dammit Loki! 😉

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Other Stuff

(To recap:

James Gunn was dropped from the director's position at Guardians of the Galaxy after alt-right Nazis found some horrendous tweets he sent years ago, as an apparent punishment for his criticism of Donald Trump.

The tweets weren't OK. Gunn apologised, as he should.

The implications of Nazis taking someone down for criticising Trump should worry people.)

I suspect that Disney and Marvel are hoping that the bad press will die down, and will re-schedule after they think sufficient time has passed.

However, as things stand? They've allowed Nazis to delay a major movie franchise.

I'm with Dave Bautista here - this is not ok.

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On the theme of Marvel controversies, Women Write About Comics posted an excellent discussion on the issues surrounding Psylocke's race changes.

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Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis (BMB) has also faced criticism lately, due to a villain's use of the term Autism as an insult.

In fairness to BMB, his reaction has been to listen, apologise, and correct future editions. And I think that's pretty good, as apologies go!

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On a more cheery note, A.J. O'Connell @ Book Riot has put together an awesome list of 10 new woman-created comics.

Given everything the comic book industry has been going through, this is a ray of sunshine! Lol. 😅

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And as a fun end to this week's post, check out this 'Theory Battle' pitting fan-theories about Avengers: Infinity War against each other!

(Warning: SPOILERS, Flashing Images)

What's your take on the Guardians of the Galaxy situation? Do you agree with either of the fan theories in the Theory Battle? Talk to me! 😁💬

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  1. I told my cousins about the Guardians situation because they are huge fans like I am but aren’t present on social media so they actually had no idea all of this was going on. They were as disappointed as I am and I don’t think this franchise will ever be the same as it was. It’s sad because I love the first two movies so much.

    1. I know, it's a real shame :( Hopefully they can turn this around, but... *sighs* it is what it is

  2. ok... so... my beloved Cee I missed you! AND I'm reading Vox right now and it has put me in an even more feminist/activist/bitchy mood [though we all know they are not equivalent] about anything related to Trump. I lectured my family at a party about how they "don't care because you think it doesn't affect you directly [even though everything is connected]! when it does.. who will fight for you???" *insert here slightly maniac facial expression*

    Had to leave the party and all so furious I was! SMH

    my poor kids [especially my son because I'm doing everything in my hands so he turns to be the total opposite of DT] are a captive audience buckled in the back of the car while I trace invisible maps of action-consequences and how we should care about everything for them.

    I tel you.. the world and DT have gotten to me these last days.

    AND I missed you because I can't tell this to anyone else!

    I mean I can but they don't care! TY for caring! xoxo

    1. Ok... so... Daniela, I love you, fair play! :)

      You just made me smile so much while totally being with you on all the things! (I'm also loving the phrase, 'so furious I was'!)

      And it totally affects everyone - I'm here in freaking WALES being affected by him and his jerks. What he and his supporters do affects the whole damn world!

      I'm just a little concerned that not many people know about what's happened with Guardians - and if they do, they most often know the version that skips the whole Trump/Nazi aspects. Yes, what Gunn said was UNACCEPTABLE (like, in the extreme,) but shouldn't more people be worried that the apparent result of criticising Trump is the halting of a billion-dollar franchise?!

      Feel free to rant to me - I always care! :) <3

    2. yes it is extremely concerning. Americans continue to play down everything DT does as a "spoil child tantrums" without acknowledging the seriousness of happens around him like he was a too bright star that overshadows everything else. I hope one day you consider reading Vox and tell me what you think. It is exactly about this! And THANK YOU for letting me rant here xoxo love ya!

    3. I'll have to check it out! And no problem! :) <3


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