Friday 10 August 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Whose Shield Are You?

'“Ruby was dangerous and it got complicated and that is just the way it was.” Exploded Fitz, trying so desperately to keep calm but feeling his control slipping away. “So I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit with-” Fitz took a breath as his voice thickened and broke, begging for tears not to fall out of frustration, “whatever narrative that you’ve built for yourself.”'

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One of the biggest plusses of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, for me at least, is Leopold Fitz.

Played to a point nearing perfection by Iain De Caestecker,  Agent Fitz has gone through pretty much any sh** that this series has to throw at him.

And this series has had a large supply of sh** to throw at him.

From episode 1 of series 1, the characters themselves have shipped Fitz with fellow science-person Jemma Simmons.

So if you hear Marvel fans and/or characters, cast, and crew, talking about FitzSimmons, they mean these two British dorks.

(...And I say that, confidently, as a British dork.)

But in series five (and yes, this post does have SPOILERS, so consider that your warning,) there was a moment where FitzSimmons acted against their team for the greater good.

And what pi**ed me off greatly was that Mack, a character who, when first introduced waaaaay back in series two or three... *runs to internet* series two, was the one who most understood Fitz's disabilities, acted like a complete douche towards him in series five.

In series five, Fitz also develops complex mental health problems, including what seems to be a form of Dissociative Disorder, due to the events of series four which are far too complex and out-there for me to go into here, but involved a killer robot and a virtual reality.

Mack tells Fitz he needs to be fixed.

And no, it's not in a 'oh gosh, let me fix you up! Where's the medical kit?!' kind of way.

In an, 'I'm angry at you and I want these words to f**king hurt' kind of way.

And it pi**ed me off that the show never came back to that, never showed that saying that to someone who is struggling is Not Good.

Because, yes, Fitz does some morally questionable things this series.

But they all do. Mack included.

And this kind of ableism coming from someone who was previously an ally to disabled characters? Is horrible. Point blank.

'“You’ll get there soon, Fitz. We’ll get there,” Promised Jemma, “Mack will come round, Fitz, I know it. He’ll respect your honesty.” Fitz nodded, with a little uncertainty, and placed a kiss to Jemma’s temple.'

I felt Mack saying that very keenly. As I've mentioned many, many, times before, I have mental health problems - in my case Depression/Anxiety. Believe me, Fitz is doing incredibly.

He has brain injury problems and mental health problems and little time to process any of the sh**ty things that've happened to him in the last few years, and is still up and fighting and literally saving the world.

Not to mention if it wasn't for Fitz, Mack and the others would be stuck on a spaceship in the future. I f**k you not.

So the reason I've chosen this week's fic is that it takes that argument between the two characters... and shows the affect on Fitz.

As you can imagine, it's not pretty so WARNINGS for dissociative episodes/hallucinations, extreme mental distress, mental health stigma, and self-harm.

Maybe it lays things on a little thick - but personally, I don't think so.

I guess you'll have to figure that one out for yourselves.

This week's fic, then, is:

And is there a moment when it all makes sense? by Phan_of_Shipping

Do you watch Agents of SHIELD? Do you think TV shows need to be more careful with ableist language? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I thought too many people watch TV and minic what they see. I haven’t watched the show but this would of been a great place (for those who don’t know what to say), to see someone trying with Fritz. As well as others in the group, reacting to Fritz’s words and adjust their words. Great observation. ♥️

    1. Thanks - I think it *really* pi**ed me off that this was coming from a character who had previously been so understanding of Fitz's disabilities. Like, why would you change his attitudes *that* much and not address it?!?! Argh! Lol.


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