Friday 23 November 2018

Friday Fics Fix - A Different Kind of Poison

(Warning: this post is basically about Depression.)

'Today, however, all Venom can discern is what could be considered the cerebral equivalent of static. Everything is fuzzy and the thoughts that are trying to surface keep coming up blurry, with no real impulse behind them.'

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I love Venom.

I love Venom to the end of the Earth. Cos I'm just that kind of weird sassy nerd.

So I've been reading Venom fanfiction.

But the thing about Venom fanfiction is... the Interwebs really didn't need another excuse to write tentacle porn.

I've read some things, dearest nerdlets.

But occasionally, amongst the bucketfuls of writhing tentacle-sex (and I could've gone my whole life without saying that, but there we have it!) there's something that isn't pornographic!

And, given that a non-pornographic Venom fic is about as common as a Golden Two-nicorn, I'm pretty damn pleased when I come across them!

This fic, in particular, I like. A lot.

Because it deals with Depression making Eddie Brock feel like sh**. And I can totally relate.

Although, it's only reflective of part of my Depression experience - sometimes I feel numbness like in this fic, but more commonly it's an emotional pain that feels like it's tearing off pieces of my very soul. 😅

Depression isn't fun in any of its forms. Trust me.

And it's not really fair to compare them - you feel what you feel. Simple as. It all sucks. 👍

But yeah, sometimes I get the tired, fuzzy, static.

Sometimes I don't even notice the tired, fuzzy, static, under the layers of hurt, but I always notice when it's gone.

It's like waking up when you didn't know you'd been asleep.

This fic just... gets it. And that's something precious.

This week's fics is:

Static by hayvacado

If you're struggling with ANYTHING emotionally or mentally my dear nerdlets, PLEASE get help.

There are also suicide prevention and/or mental health helplines you can use.

Do you read Venom fanfiction?
Do you think Eddie Brock is a good character to use to explore mental health problems?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. Aw I’m glad you found a fic that represented mental health well! Sometimes books don’t do it well enough.


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