Friday 26 April 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Friends Don't Let Friends Execute Other Friends

' started with a bandit, sword falling downwards towards Arthur’s exposed side. 

It started with Merlin, leaping from behind a tree, hand outstretched, eyes gold, a wordless cry of fear on his tongue. 

It started with a bandit flying through the air, and Arthur turning to Merlin with fear in his eyes.'

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I love BBC's Merlin.

First, cos it's just generally awesome. Second, cos anything that continues to re-tell Celtic/Welsh mythology makes me happy! 😁

What you may or may not know about this TV series though, is that there's a fundamental twist to the premise - magic is outlawed, and sorcerers face persecution.

...Which kind of plays into the history of early/medieval Christian Europe and is quite interesting, imho.

As you can imagine, though, this leads to some tricksy situations for Merlin, who's a servant to Arthur, and has to constantly drag his royal a** out of the fire, all while hiding his abilities.

So this fic (as many do - it's just such fertile ground dammit!) explores the whole Merlin-being-discovered, Arthur-freaking-out thing.

And what I like about this fic is that Arthur acts like a d**k. He orders Merlin executed.

'Wait, Cee! WTF?!'

Well, because that makes sense, canonically.

Arthur reacts without thinking - as he does a lot throughout the series, normally needing Merlin or someone else to rein him back - and in accordance with what he's been raised to believe by a father he is desperate to impress.

(Fangirling notes: canonically means within the realms of the 'official' TV series or book or whatever.)

Merlin with flashing-gold magicky eyes
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His friends/knights react in a more measured fashion.

Sure, they follow Arthur's direct orders... but barely.

They guard Merlin, but don't bother restraining him. It's Merlin. They know him. They know he'd never hurt them.

They do what they've always had to do for the pampered and privileged Prince and BRING HIM BACK TO GODDAMN REALITY.

And that kind of interaction between characters and social situations will hook me every goddamn time!

I'm trash for character interaction, and I fully admit it!

This week's fic then, dearest nerdlets, is:

and when out souls sing in harmony by Vennat

Do you think character interaction is important?
Have you ever been caught between friends?
(Hopefully without the swords!)
Talk to me! πŸ‘ΈπŸ’¬

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