Sunday 2 February 2020

Nerd Church - Brexit: How We Got Here

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has officially left the European Union, albeit in a transition period.

And no, the sky didn't fall in at 11pm GMT on 31st Jan, when we left the EU.

But we did start a period of time that, if we're lucky, will just be highly unpleasant and economically difficult.

I hope we're lucky, but that doesn't seem like the most realistic outcome.

Distracted boyfriend meme. Boyfriend = the UK. Girlfriend = the EU. Distracting new girl = Economic and social pain
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It's difficult to explain, to an international audience (hi! I love you!) exactly why the UK made such a foolish, pain-inducing decision in 2016.

(To those from the US: you made a worse decision, with the Trumpkin. So hopefully you understand how embarrassing this is.)

...But I'ma try.

(Please note - this is my opinion, ok? I'm not an expert or a politician or anything like that!)

There are so many things which combined to create this holy hell of a clusterf**k.

It was the perfect storm of bad influences:

Racism and xenophobia

Economic and social scapegoating was the order of the day, along with some bizarre nostalgia for a version of Britain which never actually existed.

This was egged-on by politicians who promoted myths regarding immigrants and immigration.

Anglo-Saxon supremacism, and oppression of Celtic nations

England voted Leave. Wales (sadly) voted Leave. Northern Ireland and Scotland both voted Remain.

Instead of deciding to play for double-jeopardy - i.e. if one of the nations voted Remain, we all needed to Remain - the UK government insisted on treating us all as one big happy family.

England has never understood that we are not one big happy family.

My beloved Wales voted Leave, yes. But... you have to understand that the situation on the ground here is warped by centuries of being under English rule.

The areas which voted Leave (most of the country) are largely poor and uneducated. Many are ex-industrial areas with a heap of social problems.

The exceptions are affluent Leave areas with a high population of English people who came here for work or retirement. Mostly retirement.

Poverty, and a lack of education

There is a vicious cycle in this world whereby the poor and uneducated are lied to and convinced to blame the easy scapegoats.

When people are hurting, they're often looking for someone to lash out at. They want simple answers - because that's what we as hooman beans are prone to looking for.

Sadly, life is rarely simple. And a terrifyingly large amount of people still don't understand the EU

Which means, due to a general hopelessness and the snake-oil salesmen of politics, those at the bottom of the heap end up making decisions which will help only those at the very top.



Lying politicians

I normally stay away from any statements that could potentially get me sued - statements like, 'the Leave campaign lied' - but, I know what counts as fair comment under UK libel law (thanks A-level Law!) and I'm on solid ground here.

The Leave campaign, in various ways, misled the British public.

The claims they made were, in many cases, false. They were not true. It is, therefore, fair comment to say that the campaign lied.

So, that's my sum-up of why tf this happened.

Did I miss something?
Do you disagree?
International friends - is there anything you wanna ask about Brexit? 
(Bear in mind, I'm not an expert - I'm just British)
Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. I really don’t understand much of Brexit, but I do know that it is an unfortunate situation. Just sending love to all of you across the pond, and I hope everything works out :)

    1. *Hysterical laughter* - we're all f**ked :)

      Seriously, there are NO economic predictions where we both leave the EU and don't suffer financially as a country. *Sighs*

      Thanks though Em! <3

  2. I agree with all your reasons. I do believe that there are some Brexit supporters who genuinely acted out of a belief that we would be financially and bureaucratically better off without the EU. But sadly the majority of voters in my very pro-Brexit home town seem to believe in some vague idea about "getting their country back" and "making England great again". I stay away from my town's facebook groups now because they are full of xenophobic posts and it makes me sick and angry that they assume everyone thinks the same. I also work in a school and have had Eastern European students approach me and ask questions out of concern for what will happen to them now. It makes me so sad. However, I have hope that the younger generations may be able to turn this around in the future as they seem much more open-minded and forward-thinking.

    1. Ugh, some people are just... ugh!

      Yeah, we just have to try and keep this country going (somehow) 'til we can re-join (or Scotland could take Wales with them when they leave... I know that wouldn't help you, but it would help us!)


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