Sunday 8 March 2020

Nerd Church - #InternationalWomensDay: 'My Feminism Will Be Intersectional, Or It Will Be B*llsh**'


Have you heard those words? Maybe seen them on a placard or a pin badge, or on your socials?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven't.

'#InternationalWomensDay: 'My Feminism Will Be Intersectional, Or It Will Be B*llsh**'' written on the left-hand side of the image, beneath it is a illustration-style Black woman with blonde hair, and a White blonde girl in a wheelchair holding a flag. On the right-hand side is a collage of illustrated/artsy headshots of different women and girls with varying skin colours and racial characteristics. One woman is weaing a hijab. In the bottom right-hand corner, finishing the collage, is a Transgender pride flag (horizontal stripes: blue/pink/white/pink/blue)

They are the words of Flavia Dzodan, as written in her delightfully sweary 2011 essay of the same name*

(I actually don't mind reading swear words, I just can't bring myself to reproduce them without *s - my mother might find out. 😅)

*CW: racism, rape, violence against women, White Feminism™

Flavia Dzodan's essay speaks of her anger at a feminism that doesn't always stand up for women.

It speaks of a feminism which doesn't always stand up for Women of Colour.

As if somehow these women are not included in the banner of 'women's rights.' As if they somehow aren't women. (Spoiler: they 100% ARE women.)

"Ain't I a woman?"

These were the words of Sojourner Truth in 1851, at a Women's Rights Convention in Ohio. 

- A convention which seemed to only really be considering White women's rights in a time when Black women in America were still held legally as slaves.

Sojourner Truth wanted rights for ALL women.

It seems like a small thing to ask, really. But in reality, it can be such a big thing.

So what is a woman?

There's a simple answer - though one which many won't like.

A woman is someone who considers themselves a woman, or someone who considers themselves as being under the umbrella of the term 'woman.' 

(...e.g. some Demigirls/Demiwomen and some other Non-Binary identities may consider themselves under the umbrella-term 'woman' but feel it doesn't describe the entirety of their gender expression.

Sometimes you will see this as the term 'womxn,' which is also sometimes used as a signal of Transgender inclusivity.

Not all people with Non-Binary+ identities will identify under these umbrella terms.)

It's that simple.

...Told you a lot of people (*coughs* Transphobes *coughs*) wouldn't like it.

So why is non-intersectional feminism 'b*llsh**'?

Well because it's hypocritical af.

It literally says 'we want equality... for some.'

If you don't want equality for all, imho you're not a feminist.

Feminists support all women, and believe that you shouldn't be discriminated against because of your gender.

Feminists (again, imho,) support men to break free of the gender roles that lead to them suffering in silence instead of seeking help for mental health problems, or domestic abuse.

Feminists support Non-Binary people in the efforts to live their true lives and not be bound by the binary gender system.

Feminists support Transgender women and girls. 

Because Transgender women and girls are discriminated against constantly for being women and girls. 

And if you're not standing up for someone being discriminated against because of the fact that she's a woman - how the f**k can you call yourself a feminist?!

We need to support ALL women: 

Trans women,  Cis women, disabled women, Black women, Muslim women, Latina/x women, White women, able-bodied women, Autistic women, Neurodiverse women, women with mental health problems, Asian women, Queer women, women who work in the sex industry, married women, unmarried women, women who are mothers, women who are childless, poor women, homeless women, rich women...

I could go on and on.

There are literally billions of women on this planet. Each with their own identities, personalities, appearances, advantages, disadvantages - and all deserving respect, equality, and rights.

So, yes, my feminism will be intersectional, or it will be b*llsh**
Happy International Women's Day, dearest nerdlets! 

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  1. I totally agree Cee! I am sick and tired of this white feminism that would rather focus on selling t shirts that say “male tears” on them, rather than focusing on how women of colour and LGBTQ+ women face more oppression than the average, middle class white woman.

    1. With you! Like, I have no issues with T-shirts etc., but you also have to stand up for women - it's not just about the merch!

      We need to support Women of Colour and LGBTQ+ women (and other marginalised women,) just like we support the average middle-class White women (without other marginalisations,) when they need it. <3

  2. What I find depressing is that this still needs to be said, and especially when I see women whose opinions I used to respect (Greer amongst others) refusing to extend their feminism to encompass All Women.

    1. Unfortunately it does still need to be said - and for as long as it still needs to be said, hopefully there'll be people willing to say it!

      And yeah, Germaine Greer has totally f**king lost the plot, tbh.

  3. P R E A C H! Intersectional feminism now and forever <3 Very clear cut explanations here, Cee!


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