Friday 10 July 2020

Friday Fics Fix - A Poisoned Brain

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'It was a long distance between knowing that all reds equals bad, and what the information actually said. Alex shook her head and started shouting commands, and Nia felt her heart lodge in her throat. '

I love Brainiac 5 and Dreamer. They belong together dammit!

In case you have no idea who I'm talking about - 

In CW's Supergirl TV show, Brainiac 5, aka Brainy, aka Querl Dox, is a cyborg alien from the future, 

...and Dreamer, aka Nia Nal, is the Transgender daughter of a human and an alien who can harnass the power of dream energy to see the future (and also smack people with the dream energy, which is handy.)

So, Brainy and Nia have a kind of will-they-won't-they, on-again-off-again, thing going on.

And they totally belong together.

I've decided. (Lol.)

This week's fic is about Brainy being trapped in his mind-palace/mind-scape-type-thing* and Nia having to go in and get him.

(Since mindscapes are 'a thing' in Supergirl, and Nia can literally faff into people's dreams. It's got 'fandom' written, metaphorically, all over it!)

*I'm so articulate - lol!

This was clearly based on when Brainy's alien form was blue - he's green now. 

Via Tenor

So some of the details that have been speculated on by the fic author may have been made irrelevant by the more recent episodes.

Just assume it's an AU, and you'll be fine.

(Fangirling notes: AU = Alternate Universe.)

A few brief content warnings, dearest nerdlets:

- poisoning/medical emergency/coma
- childhood trauma
- horror elements inc. body horror

I hope this one will get a sequel 'cos it also ends on something of a cliffhanger!

(So, people who don't like cliffhangers: this is your warning! Lol.)

This week's fic, then, is:

MindScape by Mageless

I feel like my mindscape wouldn't be too great 😅
Have you ever wondered what your mindscape would be like?
Have you wondered what it would be like to enter other people's?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. So is a mindscape essentially reading minds? Because if so, there's no way I'm letting anyone in my head haha!

    1. It's like a mind-palace, kind of, except mind palaces usually store information. You know in TV shows where they somehow end up *in* someone's mind, only it looks suspiciously like one of the familiar sets? That's a mindscape! Lol. It's like a visual representation of your thoughts.

      (And I'm with you - let's not let people in there!)

    2. Gotcha! Let’s hope that never becomes a real thing lol.

    3. Ha, we'll have to hope the tin-foil hat thing actually works!


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