Friday 26 June 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: The Love They Never Allowed On Screen (Steve x Bucky)

It's the last week of Pride Fics Fest!

I hope you've enjoyed the posts that I've done this month - I've really enjoyed writing them! 

It's nice, now and then, to mix-up and refresh a series of posts (Friday Fics Fix) which I've been writing for over 4 years now - I hope you liked it too, dearest nerdlets!

I'm sure a lot of my fanfiction posts will still be based around LGBTQ+ characters and contents going forward - partly because it's me, and partly because it's fanfiction 😉

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This week's post is celebrating my OTP, Stucky - the greatest love story Marvel and Disney ever thwarted.

(Fangirling notes:

OTP = 'One True Pairing' - the couple you believe were destined to be together, and you will fight for 'til your (hopefully metaphorical) dying breath!

Stucky - a relationship between Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier)

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are, imho, deeply in love.

Denying the subtext there just makes me so angry. And tired. *Sighs*

But, fanfiction always has it covered when it comes to the Queer stuff. So this week, we're gonna looks at some of my fave Stucky fics 😊

(Yes, I read a butt-tonne of Stucky fics. No, I'm not sorry.)

Note: For content warnings, please check the original rec'ing posts here on Dora Reads, and/or the tags on the fic itself. #SafetyFirst

Steve and Bucky in 1940s uniform walking through a group of soldiers. Old-film-footage-style in black-and-white.
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Two of my favourite Stucky fics of all time are novel-length.

I always admire people who can write good, solid, well-written, novel-length fanfiction - that's dedication, right there!

They're also quite different as far as plot and premise go. 

If They Haven't Learned Your Name by silentwalrus is more based on the events of the Marvel movies up to a point. 

I first rec'd it in November 2018, and I love it, ok? 

It's both fun, and about healing and self-care. Bucky reads romance novels, and it deserves a read for that alone.

Secret Identity by riverwrenwrites, meanwhile, is about Bucky as a disabled nurse in a modern setting.

Steve is still Captain America, but Bucky has nothing to do whatsoever with the whole superhero deal-y.

I first rec'd this in March this year, when 2020 was just starting to really dig its spikes in, and I felt like we all needed some Stucky in our lives!

Steve clapping Bucky on the shoulder
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But you're busy people, right? Or maybe your brain just can't take something novel-length right now, because 2020 (I totally get that.)

What you need is some bite-size Stucky. Something more easily digestible.

Once again, I gotcha covered!

Want some angst and healing?

Try Nightmares by hoseokdjh (orphan_account) which I first rec'd in 2017.

Or maybe Shrapnel by tinzelda - a bitter-sweet fic about Gay love in the 1940s, and the persecution of Queer people in the military, which I rec'd when I was talking about censorship in 2018.

Or maybe you want your sweet without the bitter - and who can blame you?

In that case, you can try Steve and Bucky Are Awesome At the Future which made me laugh, but also make 😍😍😍 faces a lot! 

This is another fic I rec'd in March this year, because we clearly need Stucky in our lives.

Hope you've enjoyed this month's posts!

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  1. I think it's awesome that people are able to write novel-length fanfics! And it's a wonder why not many get published! Writing a book is such an incredible feat!

    1. Ha, I think there are copyright issues with published fanfiction! People tend to change the details enough that they won't get sued (like 50 Shades.)

      You're right though - it is def. an achievement, and one the authors should be proud of!


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