Wednesday 15 July 2020

Micropoetry - May + June 2020

Two very different pieces of Micropoetry from May and June for you, dearest nerdlets!

...Apparently I wasn't done with haiku, so the June poem is a haiku.

And I don't even know wtf I was doing with the May one... let me know if you like it, I guess? Whatever 'it' actually is!

As always, the poems are in the alt-text for those using screen-readers, with line breaks shown with a / mark.

21st May ///  A hypocrite calls people hypocrites.  // The meta and the lack of it / Is enough / To make you sick //   -- Actually nauseous --  // Cos the world spins / - You get that / But they seem to think it bounces / - Only they call bouncing 'spinning'...? //  And so / Your head / ends up spinning / instead.
dividing line

22nd June // I think the wrong side / Of twenty-five has sunk in / To my skeleton

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  1. I love the second one. I'm actually taking a poetry class for the first time ever next year and feeling kinda nervous. I might have to come to you for help, Cee! XD

    1. Thanks Em! Ooh, fun! Yeah sure, I'll help if I can, feel free to ask :)


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