Thursday 9 September 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Another Head Aches, Another Heart Breaks


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It's Thursday, it's September somehow, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Film Trailers

The Shang-Chi marketing campaign continues to chug along merrily

So I've once again picked one of my fave trailers, rather than including all of them, because otherwise this would get repetitive and pointless (woo!)

This film looks so awesome!

(Warning: v. mild flashing images, general violence)

TV Shows

Another li'l write-up of Marvel's What If...? - this time for episode 4.

There are SPOILERS here, because it's the only way to really talk about this series, OK? SPOILERS!!!

What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?

Warning: this section discusses grief/bereavement, mystical pseudo-murder by devouring (I f**k you not,) and references to porn and drugs

Summary Part 1:

Wong: Stephen. No.

Strange: Stephen yes!

General Thoughts:

This episode has a really awkward title.

Like... I'm not sure how you sum-up *waves hands in circular motions* this episode's deviation from the main continuity in one sentence, but this is just awkward to me. *shrugs*

Is it bad that I only barely remember Strange’s girlfriend even being in the original film? 

No idea her name was Christine. 

She really was a flimsy character at best; like, Marvel, if you want me to care about this woman, she's gotta do more than fawn over Stephen Strange and ask for creme brulee.

And fridging her does not count as giving her character development.

Again with the tentacle monster, Marvel? 

You’re just feeding into so much fan-created porn right now, and I have the sneaking suspicion that you know it.

Also... did Strange eat a gnome? Is that something that I actually saw with my own two eyes?

Seriously, Marvel, quit reading the fanfics – or at least not the Dead Doves, JFC. 😅

(Fandom notes: 

Dead Dove: Do Not Eat aka Dead Dove is a meme co-opted by fandom, mostly by the more disturbing parts of the Marvel fandom, to label especially disturbing and/or graphic content. It's dark.

It lets you know that if you read/view the thing despite the tag, you have no recourse to complain to the creator because honestly, what were you expecting?)

Goddammit time travel f**kery!

Like, you introduce all the time travel f**kery to things and it gets very confusing, very quickly.

As in, destroy-the-universe levels of confusing, apparently.

Also, why didn't Dark!Strange figure out that destroying the universe would destroy Christine too?

There's being blinded by grief, and then there's this plan, Strange m'dude. And this plan sucks.

Maybe it's just cos Wong is like 95% of both your common sense and your impulse control, so when you leave him to go eat mystical demons in the middle of nowhere, your priorities get kind of f**ked up. Just saying.

Obang could see it a mile off, and decided he wanted no part of wtf you were doing, y'know? Smart man.

So yeah. Dark!Strange was so consumed by grief that he broked it.

'It' being the entire universe.

But for all that...

That ending!

Argh, the last apologies! My heart dammit! Damn you Benetton Conifer and your acting talent - even through voiceover work!

You made my heart break for a man that destroyed the universe. 💔😭

Summary Part 2:

Light!Strange: what the hell possessed you to split one universe into two timelines?! Why, why would you do that?!

Ancient One: *shrugs* felt like it

Summary Part 3:

Dark!Strange: It doesn’t matter if we destroy the universe, we’ll have her back!

Light!Strange: What have you been smoking?

Dark!Strange: Space squid

Light!Strange: Yup, that’ll do it

Other Stuff

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Have you seen this episode of What If...?

Are you looking forward to Shang-Chi?

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  1. I didn't love episode 4. I did appreciate the ending because I think it had an important message that sometimes stories don't have happy endings. I liked how bleak it was. However, Dr. Strange is just overall not one of my favourite Marvel characters, so I was less invested in his story overall.

    1. I keep having to pull your comments out of the spam folder - Blogger needs to stop putting you there, Em is not spam!!!

      OMG, that ENDING - like, wtaf Marvel?! Yes, it's artistic and affective and all that, but I also kind of hate them right now because I do not want a broken heart over this version of Strange dammit!!! Argh!!!! ;)

    2. Haha, blogger, what have I ever done to wrong you?!


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