Friday 17 September 2021

Friday Fics Fix - Sh** Goes Down At The Mall


'...he’s able to slink into a shadowed Pottery Barn. He makes it past the faint light cast from the skylights in the atrium, then the pain crashes over him.'

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I love a good mission fic.

Especially when it's a The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) mission fic.

Especially when it's a TFATWS mission fic with much Bucky whump and lots of hurt/comfort.

And it was my birthday on Wednesday, so I get exactly what I want 😜😘

(Fandom notes: 

A mission fic is a fic based on action/adventure media where there's a central, stand-alone-episode-style, adventure-based storyline. May or may not be based on a military mission.

Whump is where bad things upon bad things happen to one particular character, often in the form of serious injury, or multiple misfortunes, this allows room for -

- Hurt/Comfort (H/C), where one character is hurt or ill either emotionally or physically (or sometimes both) and the other character/s comfort them.)

The fic author here describes the premise of this fic as the following:

'every buddy cop show has to have that episode(s) where one of our heroes sets out to do something completely innocuous, and ends up in a life or death situation. This is my humble offering to that particular god.'

Bucky (Seb Stan): Hi!
Via Giphy

Basically, Bucky's doing Sam a favour by picking something up at the mall.

Coincidentally, today is the day when a group of armed hostage-takers have put this particular mall on their 'to-do' list.

Cue drama, peril, and bad things happening to our darling Bucky bear: will Sam reach him in time?!

Oh, and for once I've chosen a fic which isn't SamBucky (i.e. Sam + Bucky = romance,) - well, no more so than TFATWS is in the show, anyway. 

So my fellow Queer nerds will have to cope with only the obvious subtext. Sorry 😅

Lot's of violence going on here, so please be aware of the following Content Warnings:

- general violence, including gun violence and explosions

- hostage-taking

- serious injury

- blood and mild gore

- blood loss and shock

- murder and attempted murder

- discussions of slavery and human trafficking

- self-sacrificing actions that lead to serious injury and/or danger

- self-blame

...I think that's everything but, as always, be careful while reading, and stay safe dearest nerdlets!

This week's fic, then, is:

Sold, American by LivingProof

Are you a fan of mission fics?

Can you see Bucky being randomly caught up in a situation like this?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I didn't know there was necessarily a term for a mission fic, but the answer is yes, I love these types of stories! I'm happy to see you're still posting TFATWS content. I love that show so much.

    1. Mission fics are awesome! ;) And I think it make take a while for my TFATWS fangirling to run down - I love it so much!!! <3


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