Sunday 1 May 2022

Nerd Church - The Need To Read


'I feel the need... the need to read!'

- Anonymous bookish meme, based on a Top Gun reference

'The Need To Read' written across the pages of an open book which is spurting letters like confetti, because why not?

I'm a mood-reader.

I read every single day.

...I need to.

I need to read sweetness and light and fluffy marshmallows. 

I need to read dark depths of despair and decay. 

I need the happy ever afters, the dreams come true. 

I need the sad endings, the tragedies. 

I need everything in between. Give it to me.

Give me the happy romances with people finding happiness. 

Let me share in their sweetness and light. 

Let it give me hope that one day that could be mine.

Give me the sadness. The darkness. The night. 

Because I know that the happiness is not for me - and the darkness? The darkness understands. 

Let me channel my hurt into theirs, feel my pain ebb into theirs.

Give me the worst and most brutal of stories; let me scream with them, silently. Let them burrow into me and merge with the poison inside. No happy endings here.

Let me read the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Let me see the sparks of hope, the rainbows after the storm. 

Let me see the soft hues of the dawn after the demons of the night.

Give me the calm before the storm, the storybook life ready to implode.

Show me the perfection about to be broken.

The shattered glass, before and after the smash.

Let me taste the rhymes and rhythms of poetry - metaphorically and literally.

Let me chew on dialogue, bite through layers of prose and double-meaning.

Give me fanfiction and fanfiction and fanfiction -

the characters I love reloaded, recombined, reborn.

Things, in the things that I love, that I never even saw before.

Give me retellings and pure-originals.

Give me tropes upon tropes, and situations so unique no-one's ever imagined them before.

Let me have the stereotypes and the things over-done. Let me have the fresh-sights and the brand-news.

I need humanity and words and words and words -

a sweet combination of feeling and feeling.

I need love and hope and angst and death.

I need the world streamlined, defined, split, chaotic, spread-out and gathered-in.

I need the interplay between the worlds on paper, on screen.

Give me short stories inspired by the thing that was inspired by the thing that was inspired by the other thing.

Give me novels breathed into life by a song the author heard once on the radio.

Give me the easter eggs and references and series and standalones. I need them all.

Give me storied veterans of eternity - retold, repackaged, resold. Stripped back, stripped down, restored.

Give me the tales told millions and billions of times, so often that they thrum with the power - with the life - each telling has added.

I need the living stories - the ones that still strike, still soothe, still sing.

Let me have the vibrancy of a tapestry added to over thousands of years, a great monument of humanity that's still being built.

Let me sink into the spell cast by billions before me.

Show me the reality in magic, and the magic in reality.

Give me fact.

Give me fiction.

And most of all, give me truth.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Cee. You are an excellent poet. I'm a mood reader too.

    1. ...I honestly didn't write this as poetry but I'll take that! XD

      Thanks so much :)

      Awesome! I end up with circa 5 million books on the go at once because I'm like... 'but I don't feel like this one today' Lol!

  2. I loved this! Wonderfully worded.

  3. This is fantastic, and I completely agree!

  4. This was a wonderful piece of writing, Cee! I love the Top Gun reference at the top.


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