Wednesday 20 July 2022

Poetry: Forge

Poetry time dearest nerdlets!

This poem was first published in the Medium publication The Brain Is A Noodle (TBIAN), for the prompt 'Slow Consumption' set by Lucy Dan (editor of TBIAN)


I'm ready now...

molten metal being poured in a foundry

Let the fire come
I’m gonna let it burn

I think I’m ready now
— Finally,
To scorch
the world

Let the words
my skin
Flow over me; through me.
Burn my tongue
on the flames

Let me feel the rhythms
between my fingers
Like sand
— Silk and grit.

I think I’m ready now,
To flow molten metal
from my fingertips,
Breathe ash
and swallow coal;
The sharpest of blades

the world’s quenching

I’m ready now
for the fire

Light a beacon
With my flames.
I burn that much brighter


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