Friday 14 October 2022

Friday Fics Fix - You Have Until Sunrise

'“You gotta stop dying on me.”

“Okay? Sure”, Daniel snorted. “Anything else you need, dear?”

“Yes. Help me stay alive.”'

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Let me introduce you to Grace Le Domas:

Grace Le Domas smiling in her wedding dress. Caption: super
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- this is her wedding day. 

Today she married the man of her dreams, Alex Le Domas, a family member of the Le Domas boardgame empire.

And tonight, in-keeping with Le Domas family tradition, she'll sit down with her new in-laws and play a game.

This is the horror film Ready or Not.

On wedding nights, it's traditional for the new family member to play a game - you pull out a card from the deck, and the card has the name of the game you're all going to play. Simple, right?

You might get something harmless like tiddlywinks or chess... or you might pull the card no-one wants.

And if you pull 'Hide and Seek,' well... you better be damn good at hiding. 

You have until sunrise. Good luck...

(Side-note: they need to hire me to write publicity summaries for films - right? 😅)

Grace Le Domas running the eff down the manor hallway in her wedding dress - she's terrified, the camera work is shaky. It's a whole thing.
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I've mentioned it before, but time loop fics are weirdly popular for this film.

Like, it seems like all the fic authors unanimously and with little-to-no-discussion, decided to write time-loop fics for this fandom - this fandom based around a horror film which has nothing to do with time loops.

I'd say a good 75-90% of fanfiction for this admittedly fic-starved fandom are, in fact, time-loop fics. Which is great, honestly, because fandom truly has a life of its own 😅

(Fandom notes:

time loop fics = fics which take place in a time loop, e.g. a repeat of a single day, but you probably guessed that)

So, yes, this week's fic is no different - it's a time-loop fic.

I love the reasoning behind why the time-loop exists in this one - so often, the fic author doesn't give any explanation at all, and I felt like this one handled things well.

Also awesome was the understanding of the characters in this fic, and the exploring of the relationship between the Le Domas brothers - Alex and Daniel.

It wasn't done in a preachy way, but it explored a lot of things about the affects of traumatic childhood, how much people in sh**ty situations should be held responsible, etc.

- Fanfiction is deceptively deep dearest nerdlets, we know this 😜😎

And it's just generally a pretty awesome read!

It is chock-full of SPOILERS, though - so consider this your warning.

A few more Warnings, while we're at it - these are of the Content variety:

- GRAPHIC violence, murder, blood, injury, gore, corpses

- technically also domestic abuse, since they're family now

- fire

- violent deaths/murders of and by children

- children made complicit in violence and abuse

- general horror movie elements, including the devil

- alcohol abuse/addiction

- nightmares

- PTSD-like symptoms

- family issues ( many family issues)

- references to sexy times/adult humour

...I think that's everything, but as always, please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

A Fate That Befell Me by bythelightofthenight

Have you seen Ready or Not?

Are you a fan of time-loop tropes?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Oh oh oh I remember seeing a trailer for this and WANTING to see it, but didn't. And now I'll need to check out the fic as well!

    1. Lol - WATCH THE THING! I love this film. And Knives Out, which shares a lot of the same themes. Randomly.

  2. I watched half of this movie while getting my trident tattoo done. The artist I go to always has a horror or marvel movie playing in the studio, so I got to experience this one while in a lot of pain lol!

    1. Ha, as the Le Domas' intended! And check you out with your rockin' tattoo! ;)


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