Sunday 20 November 2022

Nerd Church - Always Assume That You're NOT Lazy

Disclaimer time: I am not any kind of mental health, medical, or life-coach-style professional. I'm a random Welsh chick with a blog - nothing more, nothing less

Lazy people exist, I'm sure. 

Lord knows, we've all met a few in the course of our lives - and they'll keep on being lazy regardless of what I do or do not say.

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But most people aren't lazy

- we just tell ourselves we are.

I am not lazy.

No matter how many times my brain insists this isn't true - that I am lazy, worthless, and a lot of unrepeatable other things - objectively, I'm not lazy.

People who are lazy don't work 2-3 jobs (depending how you count 'em,) have to remind themselves to take breaks and clock-off for the night, try to sneak extra tasks in, keep going even when life knoocks them down constantly... I could go on.

So, objectively, I am not lazy.

You're the only one who can say whether that's true for you, but chances are, you're not lazy either.

Lately, I've found that working from the standpoint of assuming I'm NOT lazy goes a long way.

When I want a break or a drink of water or to clock-off for the night, so often my knee-jerk response is to 'do this thing first and stop being so lazy.' Which usually ends in over-working and exhaustion.

So instead of automatically assuming I'm lazy, and trying to get off work - which all the evidence suggests is NOT true - I'm trying to assume that I'm NOT lazy instead.

It's not always so easy to believe (I'm self-critical to the core, let's be honest,) but, until there's objective evidence to back up my brain's assertions that I'm being lazy, I'm going to act on the assumption that I'm not.

So, if - as I'm assuming now - I'm NOT lazy...

...and I want to take a break...

...then it's not because I'm trying to avoid work or shirk responsibility, (because I'm not lazy)...

...which means that the likelihood is that I actually need to take a break!

If you have the same problem, maybe it's worth giving yourself some slack, and assuming that you're NOT lazy after all.

You might thank yourself for it!

(...or not. And that's OK. Always do what works for you!)

...Does this make any sense?

Do you ever think that you're lazy, when you're not?

Talk to me! 😁💬

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  1. I get the lazy speech a lot (from myself and others) because I am not a morning person. If I don't set three alarms, I will continue sleeping. However, I am this way because the medication I take at night for anxiety is a sedative and really knocks me out! Once I am up, I will work hard throughout the day. It's hard to curb negative thoughts surrounding laziness when we're programmed to think that being productive= naturally waking up every morning at 6 am.

    1. Argh, I am not a morning person. I used to be - when I was a kid I used to literally get up with the sun - but yeah, don't feel guilty (I know, easier said than done,) mental health problems make us sleepier generally, let alone if you take a sedative. You need the extra snooze-age (that's a word now, I have decided,) in order to function the next day - and that is A-OK. (Also, 6am?! What is wrong with people?! Lol.)


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