Thursday 23 May 2024

Comics Wrap-Up - Gracing the Waves of the Interwebs


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It's Thursday, I am totally not writing this last minute (shifty glances,) so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Deadpool & Wolverine Marketing Train

Tickets are now available for Deadpool & Wolverine (eep!) so there's inevitably a lot of marketing material gracing the waves of the interwebs.

This one made me chuckle. I don't even know why, really, I just liked it:

Warning: flashing images, violence

Shameless Self-Promo Time!

Last week's Friday Fics Fix talked Klaus Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy (TUA) in a specific trope, because the emo goblin spaghetti brain wants what the emo goblin spaghetti brain wants 😅

Are you looking forward to Deadpool & Wolverine?

Hows your comics-y superhero-y life lately?

Talk to me! 😁💬

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