Sunday 12 May 2024

Nerd Church - What Does 'Enough' Even Mean?

Title: What Does 'Enough' Even Mean?

I never feel that I’m ‘enough’ of anything.

Not good ‘enough,’ not attractive ‘enough,’ not successful ‘enough,’ not ‘enough’ of anything.

Me and imposter syndrome have a long-standing appointment, it’s where I get a lot of my existential crises. 

(Because you can never have just one existential crisis, surely?)

But the thing is… does anyone know what ‘enough’ means?

Has anyone ever reached ‘enough’?

We’ve all ‘had enough’ of something, when we’re annoyed at it, or bored with it, or have eaten so much that we couldn’t take another bite

 — that’s the type of enough that we can reach easily, and don’t really want to reach at all.

Loki shouting 'Enough!'
Via Giphy

But the contented side of ‘enough’ — enough success, enough wealth, enough security, enough love, enough self-acceptance… 

that’s a lot more difficult.

Will we know it when we see it, do you think?

Or will even that not be… well, enough?

Originally published on Medium for the prompt 'Name and describe what is enough for you' from the regal Ravyne Hawke

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  1. It's interesting what you say, about the negative vs. positive side of "enough". I do think there are fields in which we can perceive we have/are "enough", especially if trying to go above and beyond would be particularly hard or stressful, so we learn to be contented with what we have/are...

    1. If you have any tips for that, let me know (lol.)

  2. I definitely think I am more likely to recognize when "enough is enough" (related to negative things). But, it's not so easy to act on it. For example, if I've had enough of a toxic relationship, I still find it very difficult to cut ties, you know?

    1. I getcha - depends on the situation though, obviously.


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