Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Month in Review(s) - November 2017

November was one of those super-busy months where I barely had time to think!

As such, guys, I apologise if I've been a little more AWOL than usual.

I haven't had much chance to be social and all that - so, hi! I am still here! XD

November 2017 calendar image

Also, I am sooo behind on my Goodreads Challenge! Oh well!

My plans for December (both equally laughable but *shrugs*) are to finish this challenge, and get all of my outstanding reviews (I have a bit of a backlog!) posted by the end of the year!

Wish me luck! 😅

GR challenge update

Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

I Only Plugged In To Save Rock and Roll - Thor: Ragnarok, Honest Trailers & more

Tell Me I Can Have it All - Deadpool 2, Honest Trailers & more

Just Wanna Fill Up The Trophy Case Again - Marvel's Agents of SHIELD & more

I'm Calling You From the Future - The Avengers: Infinity War (*squee!*) & more

Friday Fics Fix

Super Chatty - superheroes in a group chat - need I say more?

Spidey Sorts Stuff Out - because Peter Parker is all about social justice dammit!

Batty Allen - the precious Queer hero that is Ezra Miller is now The Flash - so why can't The Flash be Queer too? ;)

Nerd Church

Rinse, Repeat - my rules for a better world in the light of yet more tragedy

Hate Pretending to be Love is Still Hate - a small rant regarding those who hide behind religion to promote bigotry

Hands Held High - the attack on a mosque in Egypt, and the media bias in reporting it

Other Non-Review Posts


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Kids/Middle Grade


(I haven't had time to get the cover images sorted - hopefully I'll update this post & get that done!)

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  1. Good luck with your Goodreads goal! Have a great December!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. Good luck with your goodreads challenge! You could always lower your goal, but I’ve always found I have too much pride that I can never change my goal. Only push through!

    1. Thanks :)

      Yeah, I might lower it at the end of December, and then be like - look I totally finished it!!! Lol ;)


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