Sunday 3 December 2017

Nerd Church - Break the Effing Cycle

I'm pi**ed off. I'm really pi**ed off. Because the only bank branch, of any type, left in my town, is set to close.

Why should that pi** me off? It's only a bank, right?

Have you lived in a poor area? Because I f**king do.

And when things leave, they don't come back. When things leave, they take jobs, money, chances...

When things leave, they take hope with them.

pound coin wall

My town is not the only one where this kind of thing happens - I know of plenty. 

Places that weren't exactly The Ritz to begin with are now full-on dives. People who were poor just get poorer.

Many people in the smaller and/or poorer towns and villages around here live two towns away from the nearest library, two or three towns away from the nearest Post Office, a town or two away from the nearest school.

Even the largest towns have fewer and fewer services.

Because of the geography of my area - not to mention the transport links - it will now mean a planned trip for me to get to a bank.

This isn't a problem restricted to me and my rural (though far from the most remote) corner of Wales.

This happens everywhere. And it's not about the bank itself, not really.

The bank is a symbol; it says, 'there is no financial incentive in this area.' It says, 'it's no use investing here.' It says, 'the costs are too high and the pay-offs too low.'

It says, 'we don't think you're worth it.'

It's a vicious spiral of decline that I've seen time and time again.

Because once the services and amenities pull out of an area, be they public or private, there is less for the people left behind - less work, less money, less opportunities for education, less incentive to pick themselves up and try again.

And when that happens, more businesses, services, etc., pull out. And it just gets worse. And worse.

When the whole world is saying you and your whole family - your whole community - is not worth the effort and investment they could provide, it gets harder and harder to disagree.

But here's the trick - never give up.

They'll underestimate you, time and time again.

Never stop trying. Never stop speaking up against injustice.

Because you can change the f**king world, my dearest nerdlets - don't EVER let them tell you otherwise.

And if you're in the position to make a difference (you never know who might be reading this, after all) please do.

Before you remove another layer of normality, of business, of life, from a place where the people are struggling, stop.

Think about whether there's another way, whether you really have to do this. Because so many people can't even imagine the hurt they cause.

Keep hoping my nerdlets - I'll see you for more Nerd Church next week! :)

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  1. I'm sorry they do see the worth of people who work hard to survive. I'm sorry they don't care that lives will only be made harder. I'm sorry that was even an option at all.

  2. Aw Cee :( I can understand how frustrating this must be for you, but like you said, you should never stop fighting!

  3. You're so right, Cee. Beyond right. And it's something that we just don't think of in big towns or affluent areas. We're short-sighted, it sucks, and the media don't do anything to help. Keep fighting xx


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