Saturday 8 November 2014

Shame the shamers

Ok, I absolutely hate it when people make fun of/have a go at people for reading a particular book - y'know what? People are allowed to read what they want to.

If a dude wants to read chick lit then it doesn't make him a girl - likewise if I want to read something about knights hacking each other to death, or the Napoleonic wars, then I should be able to without being made to feel like a social leper. And it's perfectly acceptable for adults to read YA/teenage/kids books.

People are different, and it really does annoy me when shamers make someone feel bad for reading something that they enjoy. People don't read enough as it is without being discouraged by people who judge others far too much. Sorry, bit of a rant. But it's something that really and truly does my head in - you should never ever feel embarrassed about what you're reading, and I would really love to see more people reading in public, covers of whatever book they happen to be reading showing proudly.

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