Wednesday 12 November 2014

True Confessions of a Reading Addict

I admit it - I forgot to return my library book and had to do it a day late. I got a fine to the grand total of 15p. Serves me right too ;)

Of course, being in the library I had to pick up some more. It's not like we have a choice in the matter is it? I heard somewhere that there's no reading addicts anonymous because no-one wants to quit - and I can totally believe that's true. So I picked up a few more books. It was inevitable. They just sit there looking all shelved and promising... sorry, drifted off a bit there.

What did annoy me (gasp! annoyed in the library!) was the dude playing bad rap music loudly on the computer next to me was two things. Firstly, they've moved the YA books. I don't know where - probably upstairs with the kid's books, and I don't want to be bothered by screaming toddlers playing with soft toys (which there actually is upstairs in my library) when I'm trying to get my shadowhunter on (on book three at the moment in case you were wondering - so no spoilers!) The librarians gave me strange enough looks when the YA books were downstairs - I don't know why, I'm 22 and look about 12, maybe they thought the books were too old for me. And why can't adults like/love/fangirl (or fanboy) over YA fiction? And I know I'm not alone.

The other thing was the way non-fiction is arranged - yes, I know, dewey decimal and all that jazz, but either it's no longer fit for purpose (gasp! squeak! (yes, I come with my own sound effects today for some reason)) or people need to think far more carefully about how they place books within it. I can't find anything because misery memoirs seem to be quite happy to sit alongside Victorian crime, and every so often on the shelves, amongst the books on the Tudors, there's something random like a book on Georgian England - it makes no sense. Also, I saw a book about the true story of two Victorian transvestites (Fanny and Stella) in the relationships section - call me crazy, but I'm not sure that's quite right.

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