Friday 24 July 2015

Friday Fics Fix

Friday Fics Fix!

Hello again! Welcome to the second instalment of 'Friday Fics Fix!' This is where I highlight 5 fan fics a week that are worthy of mention - either for good or not-so-good reasons!

Basically, I trawl my way through reams upon reams of fanfiction and share my infinite wisdom (by which I mean cackle like a lunatic due to the amount of craziness I have been exposed to.) Seriously, these posts are warping my perceptions already. There are very few strands of life where a billionaire who faffs around in a technologically advanced suit of armour has fairly graphic sexy times with a Norse god, or a Word War Two veteran; even fewer parts of life then allow said billionaire to give birth to the lovechild of one of these fine gentlemen. Yet in fanfiction we don't blink an eye. (Don't worry there is no Mpreg (male pregnancy) in this week's pics.)

Again, a reminder that most couples in fan fiction are gay, there is much porn, and if I give you a warning I mean it. 'M' means mature (18+) audiences only.

Feel free to comment and leave suggestions (not too disturbing please.)

So, here's this weeks Fics Fix -

To Have a Heart by ibelieveinguardianangels.

This is a Sherlock fic - short and sweet, but a bit distressing, the author has rated this K (which is suitable for everyone) but I'd say it's more for teens. There's references to violence to children which may upset/distress some readers.

Avengers Text Messages by K A Carlyle.

This does what it says on the tin - and is amazing! And Deadpool slams in every now and then for absolutely no reason! What more could you want out of life?!?! (OK, I may have been spending too much time on the Internet, I'm starting to sound like a bats**t crazy fangirl (again)) Anyway, there's some swearing in this, but generally it's just light-hearted and honest-to-goodness laugh-out-loud funny. Enjoy!

Cell phones are a wonderous thing by coconut-and-metal.

This is FrostIron (which, as I taught you last week is where Loki and Tony Stark get together romantically and usually do very naughty things which require an M rating - this fic is also M only.) Basically, this is Loki sexting Tony - it's worth reading just for Clint's line near the end, but it is very adult, with very adult humour. It starts out fun, and then descends into porn.

Shades of Darkness by opalish.

This is a short Dark! Harry fic. This is where Harry Potter, the symbol of Light in the wizarding world, turns instead to the Dark and all that that represents. This is quite good, actually, and has that right level of tipping into the darkness. It's very angst-y though. I would say (and apparently the author agreed,) that this is for a teen audience. This was written all the way back in 2005 - a decade ago people! Proof that the Potterheads know have a veritable library full of fanfiction. I wasn't even a teenager when the author wrote this.

Honestly Merlin by Wordinrain.

This is a Merlin fluff fic. For those of you who don't know, fluff is where things are romantic and kissy-kissy but without the explicit sex. Y'know - it's kind of 'fluffy!' This is based on a Merlin/Arthur romantic relationship and is fairly entertaining. There is much gayness.

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