Monday 27 July 2015

Graphic Novel Score!

Scored a graphic novel this morning in the post! Woo! Been wanting to read 'The Invincible Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle' for a long time now because I've heard good things and dudes, it's classic Iron Man for the love of Stark!

Plus, I got one of these awesome Book Depository bookmarks free with it (no, I don't benefit from the plug, I just really like the bookmarks I get from them!)

Isn't it freaking adorable?!?!?! Sorry, I love bookmarks - one of these days I'll have to upload a pic of my Gorjuss by Santoro bookmark which my father bought for me because he's amazing and I can never afford Santoro products and I love them. So. Bad.
Happy reading! (Sorry for the close-ups of my pudgy fingers ;) )

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