Tuesday 28 July 2015

Trailer Review! - Suicide Squad First Look

Hello my lovely people! I decided to do a review/reaction thingummy of the first official Suicide Squad trailer. So, join me as I shuffle meekly into the church of DC while resisting the urge to clutch my Captain America shield necklace to my throat for fear of being outed as a life-long Marvel girl. Guys, we're all geeks here, and sometimes we need to sit in for a service at another congregation - toleration of the Marvel girl please! And in return I will try my best to be sensitive to the DC-ers amongst you and not say anything about Aq... ugh! Nearly fell at the first hurdle! But I will soldier on (til the end of the line..) No. DC. DC.

What's that my lovely book worms? What has this to do with reading? Well, as difficult as you may find this to believe, Marvel and DC cinema and TV stuff is an adaptation of the comic books and graphic novels that deserve to be read again and again and clog the tbr piles of booklovers everywhere! (Speaking of which, note to self: get hands on a copy of Suicide Squad Vol 1.)

Oh, quick warning - this very much sticks to the dark, gothic, and mentally scarring (and that's just Jared Leto,) so don't watch if you're easily scared or upset (or a kid, seriously, no coming complaining to me, you have been warned.)

So, to the trailer (duddle-uddle-uddle-uddle-uh!) (I'm sorry - blame the coffee...)

Wait, is that Cara Delevigne?
Why yes, eagle-eyed viewer, that is indeed model/actress and generally impossibly beautiful Cara Delevigne. First seen underground with a lamp on her head. That's when you know this is going to be gritty, when the first glimpse of one of the world's most beautiful women is in a damp cave. Later on we see her taking an ill-advised bath under a pentagram.
Will Smith is also here - see? Yep, Will Smith.
Did the talky-talky official people say the Squad are the bad guys?
Again, yes, yes they did. This is villains turned anti-heroes, used and then discarded by the callous government. I'm thinking  (and hoping!) ethical issues people!
What's with the creepy music/girl in a cage?
Isn't it awesome!?! Creepy girl extraordinaire is Harley Quinn - she's...something else. The music (which fits Harley's entrance something awesome,) is actually a cover of a Bee Gees song (those guys with the teeth and the flares and the 'Staying Alive'..? yeah them,) called - and I'm loving the irony here - 'I Started a Joke.' I love the choir-like eeriness of it; I think it sets a gothic tone rather nicely.
Wait, what's with the panda, and the goat?
Welcome to Suicide Squad my friends. This ain't your truth, hope, justice, and mother's drapes (sorry :P) affair. This is twisted.
The Joker?!?!?!
Yes. Yes. And more yes. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the man who's going to replace the spiders in my nightmares...Jared Leto! We see him for what? 10-20 seconds of screen-time? And he is easily the most disturbing thing I've seen in a long time.
So, overall impressions?
Dudes, this film looks awesome. Gothic. Gritty. No more happy-go-lucky. I know that a lot of DC fans will've been hoping for more on the humour side of life - or at least less of the grit and the pain - but, believe it or not, this is where DC comes into its own. When it gets scary, it gets scary.
And does it not reflect on the way we are right now globally? We don't know what's right and what's wrong, and we don't know where to stand in the middle of all the pain and the muddled ethics. This is our generation calling out and, yes, entering the church of DC, heads held high (though perhaps with our Cap shields tucked into our shirts) and saying - this! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE!  We are complex and broken, and dark, and gritty, and yes, just a little unhinged...and we need The Suicide Squad. Because it appeals to that part of us that says the dirty work needs to be done, the government is corrupt, and bad people can do good things in the same way that good people can do bad things. We need heroes, but we need the anti-heroes even more.

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