Wednesday 5 August 2015

Deadpool trailer review!

OK, unfortunately my people this review is going to be for the 'green-band' - i.e. not 18+ - trailer. If you want to watch the red-band trailer you're going to have to convince Youtube you're over 18 (and be over 18, don't do drugs kids, stay in school, etc...) The red-band trailer has more of the Deadpool-ness: much swearing, adult jokes, and a brief sexy moment (plus mentions of bits of the male anatomy - can't have that in green-band, of course not.) Red-band is essentially the green-band extended to include the naughty bits, so I'll review the green-band and hope to get enough of the Deadpool-spirit over to you.

So, here's the green-band trailer...

Wait, did he say cancer?
Yes, yes he did. See, that's the thing with Deadpool - never lets something like a terminal illness get him down, or make him serious, or shut his mouth...
Ooh, drama!
I know, it starts out pretty normal for a superhero origin story. Then Wade gets into the script...and we're treated to that excellent brand of Wade Wilson humour.
They left in the overpass from the test footage!
Yep, I was soooo happy. And he's drawing his own fanart!!!!!! Yes, it's altered from the test footage - but it kept the awesome Deadpool-humour of that first beloved footage that made us all hope again after they sealed his f***ing mouth shut in Origins: Wolverine.
Was he talking to the camera? Did a bullet go through him?
Let me clue you into a few things about Deadpool: 1) He can't die. 2) He's aware that he's fictional, and breaks the fourth wall - a lot. That's part of the reason we love him - he literally talks to us. Plus, none of the other characters know their fictional and it just gets so very, very awesome.
Wasn't that Spider-man's quote? Only, different?
Wade Wilson is all about the references - and the irresponsibility. And in the comic-book world he and Spidey are hilarious together - in the fandom world they have sex a lot (it's called Spideypool.)
Deadpool is more an anti-hero than a superhero. He's a mercenary. He also likes violence - maybe a little too much! It wouldn't be a Deadpool movie without a high body count.
Did he just encourage us to find the red-band trailer (and call us munchkins)?
Ladies and Gentlemen - Wade Wilson!
So...the Verdict...
This movie is not going to be for kids. But that's the point. He's pretty much the darkest Marvel canon (official) that you're going to get. But he still has one wicked sense of humour.
Deadpool is a psycho - and one we totally love. He's the part of us that says 'f**k this' and goes and does whatever the hell we want. That is Deadpool. When you ain't got much left, you just decide to go full-frontal and go for it - that's the Deadpool spirit. He's like the love-child of every Internet meme you ever saw and thought 'Huh...?' And, particularly if you see the red-band trailer, the studio might actually do right by him this time; fingers crossed.

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