Friday 7 August 2015

Friday Fics Fix!

It's time again for Friday Fics Fix!

Something a little different this week - I've decided to highlight only one Fic. (What?! Only one fic!!! How will we survive without your recs????)

Luckily though this is a WIP (work in progress) and currently sits at a lovely 7 chapters long - with (hopefully) more to follow. This is very much an M - there's rape, drugs, torture, etc. - do not read this if you are under 18 (and don't break the law, stay in school, don't do drugs, always brush your teeth, etc. Please don't pretend I didn't warn you.) Also, don't read this if you get deeply affected by issues such as these - to be honest, any issues. They're probably all in there somewhere.

On the plus side - despite somehow managing to get more heart-breaking with every chapter and putting the characters through hell - this is suitable for the fandom-blind (those who aren't familiar with this specific fandom) as it's set in an AU (alternate universe) which takes the characters from Thor in the Marvel Cine Universe and completely re-writes their history into a regular human family - well, maybe not regular, but human.

Carry Home My Wayward Soul by wbss21 is one of those fics which you come across every so often and just go - wow.

Ok, so there's some extreme s**t going down (remember kids, no-one under 18 please,) and there are some grammar and spelling mistakes (the bane of fan-fiction everywhere) but it has heart and there really is some good-quality prose in here. No, really - there's some writing here that the author should truly be proud of. Either that or the amount of fan-fiction I've been trawling through lately has actually completely warped my brain - which is a possibility, and I wasn't completely normal to begin with.

Honestly though, the interplay between characters is awesome - wbss21 has got the relationships down, and, with encouragement, who knows what they could do? (I say they because I don't know the gender of the author, it is possible that they are male, but you will find that fangirls make-up (anecdotally) the vast majority of fanfic writers.)

So, I hope you enjoy this one - again, just one this week (it's so long I felt like it would be mean to pile more on you,) but if you're easily upset you might want to give it a miss. Some very bad things happen to Loki. And, for the last time I'm giving you a warning - no-one under 18, no-one struggles with these issues.

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