Sunday 30 August 2015

Nerd Church - Books Matter

Hey guys, and welcome back to Nerd Church - that part of the week where I get all moral and philisolophical (known by normal people as philosophical) in relation to all things nerdy and book-y.

This time I'm going to announce a simple effing truth that I think we forget far too often in today's topsy-turvy society:

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Books Matter

I know that a lot of people will know this already - but clearly not everyone. Because if everyone knew and understood that books matter, then the state of affairs that we have in the UK at the moment, with library closures and the downgrading of library services, would not be happening. People had to work so hard in the past to ensure free library services for poorer communities - and with a callous sweep of their destructive fingers, the Tory government is taking away every mode and method of support for communities which need them the most.

It's actually possible that councils throughout the country are breaking the law via the downgrade of library services, and foisting off libraries onto community groups and volunteers.

Guys, books are what can take people from poverty to prosperity - they give hope, magic, knowledge, and inspiration. If we just stand by and let the government erode the things that make Britain a country we would actually want to live in (and don't even get me started on their other poverty-creating measures, as well as their erosion of worker's and individual rights,) then pretty soon the country will look like a Dickens novel - and I don't mean the Christmas celebrations, I mean the workhouses, the starving poor, and the arrogant and unseeing upper classes. We're dangerously close to it as it is. Books matter. People matter. Don't forget it.

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