Friday 28 August 2015

Friday Fics Fix!

Just one fic for your Friday fix this week! (Oh no, how will we carry on my dear Reading Addict, without your recs! Ah, never fear erstwhile reader, there is plenty of fan-fiction on the internet, and feel free to look over my past posts for more ridiculous ficcy goodness!)

So, this week's fic is (duh-diddle-uuuhhhh!) -

Ripple Effect by Cyhyr.

Mahoosive warnings! There's domestic abuse, references to rape, flashbacks, references to childhood trauma and abuse, murder, and a sh** load of feels! M only.

This is an Avengers College AU (an Alternate Universe where the Marvel's Avengers characters are faffing about in college,) which involves some Steve/Tony and Tony/Loki elements. It's a long one-shot (stand-alone one-part story,) with many, many feels, in which Steve Rogers is a complete douche-bag. Perhaps it goes off on one a bit at the end, but all in all it's pretty good (well, I thought so, but I've been reading fan-fiction for weeks now and no longer know which way is up.)

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