Sunday 9 August 2015

Nerd Church is in Session...

...let me talk to you about Luna Lovegood.

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Luna as a Harry Potter character is a fan favourite - and I adore her. Because she taught us that what makes us different can make us such incredibly beautiful people. She's the dreamer, the lover, the pure soul - and she remains so even through all the s**t that Hogwarts throws at her. She doesn't sweat the small stuff, and is unflinchingly loyal and a shoulder whenever anyone needs her.

In the films, Luna is played by the equally beautiful Evanna Lynch - who has battled through anorexia to become one heck of an actress, and an inspiration. Her accent is also really pretty :)

So, amongst the other many, many things that Harry Potter taught us, is that the weird kid? She rocks, has been through hell (Luna saw her mother die when she was a little kid,) and is still one of the most observant and naturally incredible people you will ever meet. Luna is a symbol for all of the dreamers and the different ones, the ones who don't quite fit in (even in a school full of witches and wizards) - you are beautiful, and people will see that eventually.

Hope you enjoyed this week's small slice of Nerd Church - finding the deep and meaningful stuff in the books and stories that we all love :)

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