Tuesday 25 August 2015

Reviewing the Evidence Again! - Through the Ever Night

Title: Through the Ever Night (US Link)
Author: Veronica Rossi
Genre: dystopian, ya, sci-fi
Series: Under the Never Sky

A few starting notes:

As this is the sequel to the awesome Under the Never Sky, my basic rule for reviewing sequels applies - no spoilers for previous books beyond what is in the blurb of this book. With that said and done, I was really looking forward to reading this because I enjoyed the first one - and #2 didn't disappoint.


In a world split in two - the pods of Reverie, and the harsh reality of the Outside - Aria and Perry have been trying to find a way to walk the delicate line between the worlds. With things heating up, and both societies in danger, it's going to be a bumpy ride...

Best bits:

I love Aria, one of our protagonists. What we have here my friends is a realistic and imperfect dystopian female protagonist with her own ideas and motivations - I know, what is this???? Is this a strong but flawed female character????? In a dystopian YA novel????? I may have to lie down for a while!

As with the last book, the strength of Rossi's complex world really impresses me. The hardships of both the once-proud Reverie and the dangerous Outside are both painted with confidence and deft skill - it's believable, and the imagery is vivid.

We also have a non-love-interest male friend. I know! And it works so freaking well! Just one of the ways that Ms Rossi takes the well-worn path and adapts the living sh** out of it to create something which manages to feel fresh in a heavily-laden genre.

Not so great bits:

I didn't like Kirra - once you get there, you'll know. But then, I don't think we were supposed to like Kirra - she's mainly there, in conjunction with Brooke, to show how awesome Aria is, I just wish there could've been another way to show the levels of awesomeness in the main character without resorting to creating characters which exist purely to provide contrast.

There are also a few, but noticeable, moments when you want to physically shake either Perry or Arya by the shoulders and tell them to stop being so freaking stupid - but then, I suppose that real people are also pretty damned stupid, and in comparison to other YA protagonists, these two are freaking geniuses. And they do have some apocalyptic dystopian sh** to deal with, so I'll cut them some slack.


I love this book. It's fresh, well-written, and involving, bringing a breath-taking dystopian novel without diving too far into the loony end of the pool. I will definitely be on the look out for the next book.

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