Friday 18 September 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - Diving into Johnlock

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Hello my lovely and nerdy peoples! I have two Johnlock (BBC Sherlock Holmes in a relationship/romantic situation with John Watson,) recs (recommendations,) for you this week. And they're not overly-disturbing! It's a good week all round!

John Finds the Johnlock Fanfics by Watermelonsmellinfellon.

This is a tad naughty - so no-one under 18! I mean it! I'm wise to you! This is a bit fic-ception-y: where the fics within the fic start affecting the fic. Don't know what I mean? To be honest, neither do I. Just read it if you like slightly awkward romantic moments between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes from BBC's Sherlock.

Johnlock One-Shot by Everything_Fangirl

This is also a bit naughty - but less so, so its OK for about age 14+. This is a typical Johnlock fic folks - both want each other, neither knows how to declare their love. The difference here is that it's actually well-written. I know, I nearly fell off the chair! It's sweet and considered and actually quite good. Either the apocalypse is coming or I've finally reached the point of no-return when it comes to reading fanfiction, and need to be carted off for my own safety.

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