Sunday 20 September 2015

Nerd Church - Closed for Whovian Holiday

Hey my nerds. I've decided to take a Nerd Church break this week as I try to figure out whether the first episode of the new Doctor Who series was excellent or rubbish. I know that many of you will be doing the same. At the moment, I think I liked it - but I may be in the minority here. And there were some things which, as a pretty-much life-long Whovian (albeit only semi-practising as opposed to devout,) worry me about the future of the series. You can understand that I need some time to process, and also to wonder why the hell UNIT would care what Clara thought about anything, because she isn't the brightest penny in the jar (sorry, I know a lot of people like her.)

I'll see you for Nerd Church next week - although, this post seems to have got much longer than I intended, so I suppose you could argue this was Nerd Church... I don't know, the amount of rugby on the TV in my house right now has melted my brain. I'm Welsh, and I don't care about rugby; just like I'm British and I don't drink tea. I'm lucky to be alive to be honest.

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