Friday 25 September 2015

Friday Fics Fix! (In Which Tony and Loki Have a Little Something)

This week's Fics Fix rec is a 17-chapter Frostiron fic (Frostiron is where Tony Stark and Loki are in some sort of relationship):

Bedroom Hymns by Midnight_Ophelia

This is a Loki-is-a-prostitute fic (of which there are more than you'd imagine, but perhaps less than you'd want/fear.) So, Loki is human, and Tony, not realising he's a gentleman of the night, ends up taking him in (for many reasons, of which his hotness is most definitely one.)

This involves sex so nobody under 18 - you hear me? M audience only. It gets more than a little steamy (blushes.)

There are the usual spelling and grammar errors - but c'est la vie folks, this is fanfiction. The emotional heart is there. And it managed to keep me coming back for more, so there must be something to it - it's actually quite enjoyable.

So, that's it for this week's Fics Fix, because even though I only highlighted one fic, it has seventeen chapters (so don't be greedy.)

If anyone has any recs, or wants to attempt to drag me from my current Frostiron reading spree, just leave a link in the comments (please, not too disturbing, and no real people - characters only.)

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