Monday 21 September 2015

The Writer Diaries (or Heaven Knows I'm Busy Now)

Busy? Me? Pshaw! Ha, I just wrote the word pshaw (ok, so I may've just finished a cup of coffee...)

Anyway, it's not like I'm busy...I just have a blog to keep up, two beautiful kitties who want to play, a little thing called a job to do (alright, I'm self-employed, but that just means I have to make myself do everything for my business - there is no delegating here folks,) and numerous pieces of writing that I want to fit in, as well as reading to do (because that's obviously a necessity.) If I miss anything out, it'll be the reading and the writing - which I don't want to do. Because even though I need cash in my pocket and am a one-woman self-employed business-machine (who is terminally skint,) you gotta have time for your other passions too (don't get me wrong, my business is one of passions - I just am not willing to give up on something that is a fundamental part of me (i.e. reading, writing,) on behalf of limited financial gain. To paraphrase an admirable pirate, it's a good thing I'm crazy, because otherwise this'd never work.)

So, I have a cunning plan Mr B (ok, too much vintage comedy for me,) - I'm going to squish and squash the writing and reading into the secret moments. There will be audiobooks while I work. There will be writing exercises where I use a prompt for ten minutes with little to no plan for what to do with the sh** on the page when I've finished. There will be determination! And if I fall, I'm not going to look at the negatives, I'm going to focus on the positives - because what I've achieved is amazing! (Positive... yeh... let's see how long this lasts folks... still, you've gotta hit the depression with a hammer somehow...)

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