Thursday 29 October 2015

Comics Wrap Up - Little Gods and Political Problems

Two Marvel comics to include in my wrap-up this week - I picked up a load of comics cheap recently, and Vengeance (#4 of 6) was part of that haul. Despite the cover (which is all artistic-y - look at the artistic-y-ness!) this actually features young teen Loki, rather than his adult form. Kid Loki is freaking adorable. This is part of the Vengeance mini-series, which is about a young team of heroes, trying to help the forces of chaos and order to stay balanced, while a new team of young villains try to do away with the old heroes and villains alike. Because they are a**holes. I really enjoyed it. And the inclusion of a Latina bisexual hero - Miss America (America Chavez) and a black hero - Angel Salvadore - is an awesome addition. Not least because they are both awesome heroines in general. Could have done without some of the unrealistic and totally impractical shots of Chavez's boobs, but this is a comic book - multiple universes we can do, but the heroine at some point will probably have breasts that defy physics.

And so to that most ethnically diverse of superhero teams, and Uncanny X-men #388 (World's End Part 1 of 4.) This is a 2001 comic that's sort of reviewing old ground as far as plot is concerned. This is mainly concerned with Senator Robert Kelly, Mystique's plan to assassinate him (her second plan, they've done this cat-and-mouse game before,) and the ramifications for the future (the future-mutants Bishop and Cable are faffing around.) My advice to you with this one? Don't bother too much about the details. With so much time-travel and rebooting flying around, you're just going to get confused if you try to keep too hard a grip on the ins-and-outs. Just enjoy the ride my friends. Also, I don't know why Mystique seems to be on steroids on the cover - she just is. There are a few... larger-than-life depictions of pretty much everyone here - it seems to just have been the style they were going for. To be fair, it's pretty affective - the artwork in this issue is really awesome.

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