Friday 30 October 2015

Friday Fics Fix! (In Which the Blogger Falls Off the FrostIron Wagon)

I tried to stay away from Frostiron. I tried to read Stucky, Stony, Johnlock, even the odd bit of Capsicoul. In the end though, I fell off the wagon and just climbed right back onto that ship. I think I may've sold my soul.

So, I may as well drag you all down with me. These are the fics that've captured my, albeit warped, attention this week - telling tales of Iron Man and Loki in love, with much angst and what is almost certainly PTSD.

I've Got You by BonesXLI - this is a slightly heart-breaking drabble (short one-shot (one part) fic,) which involves Loki having nightmares. Poor Loki.

Holding Hands by Flawless_Imperfection - More unpleasantness for Loki here as he has flashbacks of torture.

That Kind of Marriage by Runic - Thor decides to save his brother from, yep, that's right, torture, by marrying him off to Tony Stark. Because that solves everything (shifty glances.) This then rapidly descends into gay porn - so 18+ only (stay in school, don't rob banks, yadda yadda yadda...)

Help me, hjepe meg by Donya - More torture here. And the aftermath of rape. And some PTSD and unintentional self-harm. Plus, Thor is not a good person here. And Cap is less understanding than you'd think. This is quite dark, so 18+ please (a blogger has to try, but I know you'll end up doing whatever you want.)

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