Friday 27 November 2015

Friday Fics Fix - In Which Olicity is Fluffy

friday fics fixLast week, I promised you all that I'd try to come up with some fic recs (which, if you haven't gotten the point by now, are fanfiction recommendations,) that weren't related to Marvel, the Avengers, or Loki in any way.

I did find one! Just the one because... well, usually the fanfiction I read involves Loki. Lots of Loki. And then some more Loki - often kissing and/or romancing Tony Stark, amongst doing other things which are a lot less wholesome.

But, this week there is fanfiction from the DC side of life for you - more specifically, from the TV series Arrow, and the Olicity ship (Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak - I know, a straight couple, in fanfiction. I was confused for a moment too.)

Girls Night In: 101 by angel-death-dealer

This fic is sweet and fluffy and romantic-y. Felicity needs a girls' night, but the others all cancel on her. Oliver to the rescue! Ok, so it's a bit random. But no more so really than any other fanfiction, or rom-com for that matter. And it's cleaner than most of what's out there (there's some stuff out there that I can never un-read. Ever.)

Oh, there might be some spoilers for The Notebook in this fic - so maybe skip past that bit, or just plain ignore it.

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