Thursday 26 November 2015

Comics Wrap-Up + MCU fangirling - Hockey and Family Problems PLUS CIVIL WAR TRAILER!!!!


Sorry, I just had to make that perfectly clear. This is like - me have an EXTREME fangirl moment. I might actually cry. And I don't even know why. AND IF MARVEL HURT BUCKY I AM TRACKING THEM THE F**K DOWN!


Honestly, I will be an emotional wreck. Bucky is a victim, not a villain - and nothing will cover the level of feels should something happen to him.

I could do a trailer review of this but... I get the feeling it will degenerate into hdfgjkrhiglowehrofjhtiwrhgofikghporenhlk fangirl-ian pretty quickly. You're probably best watching it and making up your own minds.

So, moving on to the rest of this week's comics wrap-up...

Graphic Novels
The Hockey Saint graphic novel cover
The Hockey Saint (US link) is a graphic novel about a hockey star and a growing friendship - honestly, it's a lot better than I just made it sound, and raises a lot of good points about celebrity, sport, and the media. I actually really enjoyed it, and you can see my full review here.

Single Issues

Uncanny X-men #444 (US link) is an X-men title (which you'd probably already figured out,) which shows the X-men trying to police the growing and sprawling community of global mutants. Basically, to keep the peace.

What I really enjoyed about this was the baseball game at the beginning - which showed off some awesome mutant powers, and kept the tension within the group visible. This is X-men; there's always going to be tension about something. I did think that, seeing as how the cover was Nightcrawler's tail, he could've featured a bit more (I adore Nightcrawler.)

X-men 26 Bloodties coverX-men Vol 2, #26 - Bloodties Pt 2 (USA link) is a 90s title - part of a cross-series event (Bloodties.) Genosha (one of Marvel's fictional countries,) is at civil war between human and mutate (their country's mutants.) Genosha has a history of genocide and bloodshed, and the current mutate faction are followers, or 'disciples,' of Magneto.

Magneto, though, is out of commission - and so the rebel leader, Cortez, has kidnapped Magneto's granddaughter, Luna. Luna is the child of Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) - who, back in the 90s, was still allowed to be the son of Magneto and an adopted son of a Roma family (recent re-writes have essentially got rid of Pietro and his sister Wanda's entire history, and very quickly replaced it with one that fits into Avengers film rights - which is in no way suspicious.)

Kidnapping the child of an Avenger with firm links to the X-men is probably not the brightest of ideas. So a bunch of superheroes descend on Genosha, attempting to find baby Luna, and not add too much to the bloodshed.

The Mighty Thor Vol 1 #1 (2011) (USA link) is likewise concerned with family issues - though of an Asgardian nature. This is early on in Loki's regression to little boy-god - and he's so sweet! Sorry, couldn't resist pointing that out. This definitely has the air of the start of a series rather than a full story.

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