Tuesday 24 November 2015

Survival Kit For a Winter's Day

winter and a hot cup of coffeeWinter can be uber-cold, and uber-crappy. Particularly if you're of a depressive nature and/or living in Britain (so much rain! so much dark!) So, sit tight and take my advice on warming (and actually enjoying) a cold winter's day.

A Kitty!
Kitties are all fluffy and cute and sweet and special ;) And luckily, on cold days, they're not adverse to a warm lap to snuggle up on. I love kitties, they're like a reader's best friend - amongst other people of course. And I have two, which is really cuddly and really cute (Yay!) :)

Tea/Coffee/Pick Your Poison
Never underestimate the power of a hot drink in your favourite mug (or something stronger in a posh glass, I'm not here to judge!) Plus, you know, you have an excuse to drink, and warm your hands on, a nice hot cuppa. (and any excuse to drink coffee, and I'm there!)

A Blanket
Blankets are snuggly! Never forget this fact! Never! Also, they are handy as bait to attract kitties (look *insert kitty's name* - cwtchy blanky! (cwtchy is a Welsh/Wenglish word for extra snuggly things, and/or the best of hugs.)) I have lots of nice and snuggly blankets - and they certainly come in handy as the nights (and days - it's chilly here!) get colder.

Chocolate and/or Cake
Never underestimate the power of cake. Cake (as far as I'm concerned,) is one of the major food groups - it's just that, occasionally, it gets left off the chart. Ditto for chocolate. And chocolate cake is sacred. There are some things in life which you just shouldn't deny yourself - chocolate cake is most definitely one of them. :)

And last but certainly not least...

A Good Book!
(And I like to think I give you plenty of advice on that front.) ;-)

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