Wednesday 25 November 2015

Why Do Books Make Great Gifts?

Stuck for Christmas pressies for auntie so-and-so, or what's-his-face and whatshername from work? You could give them a book - no, I'm totally serious. I am the Reading Addict around here after all.

Books are personal
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No-one ever reads the same book as anybody else: no, really. Don't look at me all squinty - I have a point here.

No-one ever experiences a book in the same way as the very next person who reads it - the reader is part of the book. What you get out of a book makes it what it is - and no-one ever quite has the same experience as anybody else.

Therefore you can get your family and friends one of the most personal of gifts - without having to shop in the undies section.

There's a book in every price range

Don't have the budget for a super-duper bestselling new hardback? Fine - get another of the author's books instead, they're likely to be cheaper now that there's a new one out.

Get a box-set of a trilogy (you can find plenty on offer - especially this time of year,) and give them a good value gift that also looks the part.

You can go seasonal

This works exceptionally well with children's picture books, which can be read at Christmas to keep the little ones happy while dinner's cooking or the washing-up is being done.

Plus, who doesn't like something with a Christmas theme? Makes everything brighter somehow.

christmas wrapping paperThere's a book for every age and taste

Books come in so many types, and so many different genres, and authors, and... well, you see what I mean.

There is a book to suit pretty much everyone. Especially kids - you can attract them with shiny things and get them hooked on reading for life (ok, slight evil plan, there, but it's all good.)

They're easy to wrap!

Never underestimate your levels of thankfulness for easy-wrap gifts. Sure, books can sometimes be heavy - but it's so much easier to wrap than that oddly-shaped box of chocolates, the pair of socks, the hair accessories, and the mug set with the sticky-out handle.

I'm just saying, after all that, you're going to be happy to have a nice rectangular object to wrap for once!

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