Sunday 24 January 2016

Nerd Church - Look for the Light


I've not had the greatest of weeks when it comes to depression. No reason (when is there ever?) just depression being a f**king b**ch again (as it tends to do.)

But I had my books. And my books rock. I sank into them, and let them pick me back up again.

So today's Nerd Church is simply my message to you - keep going through the dark. Use all the things you have to, the books, the songs, the films, the hobbies, whatever. Keep going. The fact that you're still here is testament to how strong you are.

Nerd Church is a weekly attempt by yours-truly to bring 'issues' to light in a non-denominational way (non-nerds welcome!) Feel free to continue the conversation, or have your own Nerd Church congregation, but please link back here ;)

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