Monday 25 January 2016

The Writer Diaries (or, I Need to Be Brave)

notebook glasses photos writingAt some point, I'm going to have show people the cr*p I write.

I'm not sure why this is such a mental stumbling block to me - I've got no issues with showing people my artwork or craft projects (in fact I tend to stick it in their faces and demand praise like a three year old.) I drew my avatar/profile pic (you know, the bird? It's an Adaryn Rhiannon, and I hand-drew it - check me out!)

So why is showing my writing off such an issue?

It might be because this is so much a part of me, that I'm worried that someone will be overly-critical and therefore will be judging not just the writing, but me. (Some deep sh*t going on there.)

Certainly, blogging is helping with that.

True, I use a username instead of my real name (but that's because my real name is relatively distinctive and I don't want strangers stalking me, if that's ok with you,) and I use a bird as an avatar (but really, you don't want my face on everything - I look about 12, no-one would take me seriously.)

So, what can I do about the whole 'need-to-show-my-writing' deal-y?

Well, I'll tell you dearest reader, I'm going to share some (cue gasps, ladies in corsets fainting, me finding a portal back from the nineteenth century.)

So here is a poem I wrote a little while ago:
Tie my wrists,
My fingers,
My neck.
Strap on my armour
Of gold and chain,
Of resin and ribbon.
Affix medals
To my breast.
Cinch in my waist,
With a leather restraint,
Camouflage my scent,
Tug and leash my hair,
Binding it like rope.
I wrap myself
In the ritual;
Prepare to go to war.
Ok, so I don't have a title. I can't decide if it's pretentious or overly-simplistic. I'm not happy with the last verse at all.
But there you have it. Let me know if you like it (or don't - be gentle!) and (hopefully) I'll find the courage to share some more soon.
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