Thursday 11 February 2016

Comics Wrap-Up - Ain't We All Just Runaways?

Film Trailers

Apparently there was a big-noise American football doo-dah called the Super Bowl over the weekend.

Here in Wales, there was far more noise about the rugby - a not dissimilar game to American football, except with a lot less padding, and a lot tougher. (I recommend the Friends episode where Ross tries (and pretty much fails) to play rugby - the clip they show on the TV actually seems to be an old Wales match.)

Anyway, this American football doo-dah seems to be a big deal-y over there - so much so that it has a bunch of trailers and stuff, and huge ads, and Beyoncé, apparently.

As a result, we were treated to a new clip of Civil War (ohmygosh! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!)

There are going to be feels with this one: I can sense them.

There was also a teeny tiny X-men clip (the clip is teeny tiny, not the X-men, though that would be cool,):

And one for Deadpool :) which is out on Friday. Although, technically, the Deadpool ad was for the 'Superb Owl' - which is just awesome.

Graphic Novels

This week, I reviewed two graphic novels - Grumpy Cat, Vol 1 (UK - US) (reviewed here,) and Red Sonja/Conan: The Blood of a God (UK - US) (reviewed here.)

Two very different graphic novels - but both published by Dynamite. I received free digital review copies of both in return for fair and honest reviews.

Single Issues

runaways #1Runaways #1 (2003-2005 run) (UK - US) is about a group of kids whose parents have a considerable secret.

It has artwork in a bright-coloured, bold-lined, style; which you tend to find a lot in comics aimed at teens and tweens.

It also has a YA kind of tone, but doesn't feel overly 'young' - if that makes any sense.

I really enjoyed it, but now this song is stuck in my head:

Ahhh, you've got to love The Killers. Even if it is now playing on a loop in my brain.

My neighbours are going to hate me (I only have two singing volumes: quiet and LOUD - I tend to use the loud.)

Swords of Sorrow (#1 of 6) (UK - US) is a Gail Simone Dynamite Comics series featuring a range of heroines (including Red Sonja - who you all know I love!)
This first issue does an adequate job of introducing the plot and coming up with a mechanism to allow different heroines from different planets and time periods to unite and have massive cross-over-y-ness.
 swords of sorrow #1
I can't say that I was immediately bowled over - but it did seem a promising start to the series.
I don't like that cover in particular though... how are those women balancing like that?!? It's not possible!

Siege #1 of 4 (UK) is a part of a Marvel event from a few years ago.
siege #1
Honestly, I wouldn't advise this one for complete comics/Marvel newbies - you need at least a basic understanding of Marvel lore to figure out what's going on.

This is set during the period that Asgard ends up on Earth, and the Dark Avengers are faffing about with Norman Osborne - see? You need at least basic Marvel knowledge for this one. Sorry.

Basically, it's like they decided to hit the 'sh** hits the fan' button (that button was pressed by Loki, by the by,) and then stand back and watch what happens.

The artwork is fairly good: serviceable, but not noticeably 'wow' (not to me anyway.)
Other Stuff
The Super Bowl deal-y also gave us this:

I don't know what I just witnessed - but it's awesome.

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  1. I know! All this fuss about the Superbowl I can't understand, although I DO like my Beyonce and Bruno Mars mash ups :3 Oh, and I love the looks of American Civil War. I love Ironman in movies and well, this looks like it is going to be an interesting twist on things.

    1. I'm hoping Tony isn't the complete a*se that he is in the Civil War comics - and that nothing happens to Bucky Bear -.-


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